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Heterogeneous networks

Heterogeneous networks, HetNets, let you mix and match for the best

Heterogeneous networks provide products and services across both macro and small cells to optimize the mix of capabilities. As mobile broadband demand continues to grow dramatically, significant increases in capacity can be achieved by adding small cells to complement macro networks, forming heterogeneous networks, also known as HetNets.

Nokia offers an end-to-end portfolio of products and services across both macro and small cells to maximize the performance of your network as it evolves towards ultra-dense networks and 5G.

A unified approach to managing HetNets

Our Heterogeneous Network solution deploys a big variety of technologies, frequencies, cell sizes and network architectures to optimally respond to rapid changes in customer demand.

We can help you manage this hybrid network as a unified whole so that your customers can be steered to the best cell for their needs in terms of speed, application and device. Our Heterogeneous Network saves power by switching off layers at times of low traffic, reduces cost by organizing itself without intervention and maximizes efficiency by managing interference and power levels automatically.

See our complete range of HetNet solutions

With our range of HetNet solutions, we have all you need to efficiently manage hybrid networks.

Flexi ZoneNokia Flexi Zone is a small cell solution for offloading traffic from your macro network to an underlay street-level and indoor network FemtocellsOur 3G/LTE femtocells comprise a fully 3GPP-compliant femto gateway, complete with Nokia 3G and 4G Femto access points Femtocell Multi-band SOHOA compact enterprise small cell solution for SOHO users, based on an award winning product Services for HetNetsHelps you deal with urban congestion by providing capacity where it is most needed and by deploying the most effective solution to tackle congestion AirScale Micro RRHBuild outdoor and indoor networks with the right cell size for their location, managing costs and providing the capacity where needed In-building solutionsWe help operators create a strategy, develop the right product, and design, plan and dimension an in-building solution encompassing DAS and small cell solutions Flexi Lite Base StationA small all-in-one base station optimized for outdoor and indoor micro-cell deployments

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Operators will need to increase capacity significantly by adding small cells to complement their macro networks, forming heterogeneous networks, also known as HetNets.

With both a full portfolio of fully integrated solutions and the services to deploy and manage them, Nokia helps operators meet the challenges of evolving their networks towards the hybrid future.