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Group Communications

Group Communications meets the need for mission and business critical communication

Nokia has expanded its end-to-end LTE public safety portfolio with advanced, integrated mission-critical and business-critical applications. These are fully bundled with ruggedized devices and meet our stringent quality and security standards.

The Nokia Group Communications solution enhances situational awareness with an innovative push-to-video feature, and includes a rich set of industry-specific functions such as push-to-talk and alert messaging to improve operational efficiency. The solution conforms to 3GPP and is ready to support MC-PTT standards, helping operators to protect their investments. It offers high performance and efficiency and supports a wide range of LTE handsets.

Nokia Group Communications supports public safety, defense and enterprise users with fast call set-up times and the ability for groups of field workers and controllers to share live video feeds from a disaster scene. Encrypted applications ensure secure end-to-end communication from handsets and tablets .


For end-users

  • Better situational awareness with capabilities such as push-to-video
  • Secured communications
  • Fast call set up
  • Low end-to-end latency, below 300 ms mouth-to-ear
  • Large choice of devices meeting the needs of various markets and countries
  • Service available beyond LTE coverage
  • Can be used in disaster scenarios as stand-alone solutions, as well as coverage or capacity extensions

For Operators

  • Long term investment
  • Can meet the needs of different sized and growing networks through software licensing
  • Allows mobile operators to win new revenue by providing mission-critical and business-critical group communication services to public safety agencies using their existing LTE network infrastructure
  • Can be integrated on any standard LTE network and with various handsets.


  • Aligned with 3GPP, ready to support MC-PTT standards
  • High capacity platform based on Nokia AirFrame Data Center solution
  • Integrated with Nokia Compact Network, the easy-to-carry product for setting up a network
  • Includes a Dispatch Console with voice / video and mobile CCTV feature
  • Compelling range of secured and certified devices with pre-integrated push-to-talk and push-to-video features
  • End-to-end security at device, network and applications layers, including encryption at the application layer
  • The PTT/PTV application is compatible with any IP-based network such as Wi-Fi, 3G and LTE
  • Comes with an optional recording server for archiving video and voice push-to-talk communications, useful for crime scene investigations