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Government Broadband Plan

Deliver the right to compete

Help your citizens compete in a hyper-connected global economy. Develop a national or rural broadband plan that gives them access to vital gigabit internet and digital services.

A universal, affordable, and sustainable ultra-broadband infrastructure helps you bridge the digital divide and create a foundation for greater competitiveness. It brings broad social and economic benefits to your country and your community. And it creates opportunities for your people to unleash their skills by enriching the way they innovate, do business, and share knowledge.


Develop business and technological models with our consultants that attract private investment and bring ultra-broadband to more people. Our modeling will help you assess the best way to cost effectively increase access to digital services and connect outlying communities.


Combine the most relevant, open-access ultra-broadband solutions with the lowest network deployment cost. We’ll help you find the right balance of technologies for terabit, gigabit, and megabit connectivity. Our solutions will ensure that you deliver the best and most cost-effective performance to your people.


Reduce risk by relying on a trusted partner. Our ultra-broadband offer extends beyond technology. It includes consulting, idea incubation, network design and implementation, and managed services.

Our experience and expertise can help you reach your sustainability and performance goals.


New Zealand ultra-fast broadband

National Broadband Plan: 5 key Policy measures that proved to make a difference​
Discover which policy measures are positively impacting broadband service availability, affordability, quality and adoption.
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Nationwide ultra-fast broadband in New Zealand​
A national broadband plan is helping New Zealanders compete in the global marketplace.
See the video case study

With ultra-broadband, deliver the right to compete
Initiatives to offer universal and affordable ultra-broadband service can allow all citizens to compete and thrive in the global marketplace.
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Building gigabit communities
Nokia helps governments and local broadband providers create cutting-edge gigabit municipal broadband networks.
Discover our Gigabit Networks solution

Customer stories

Bolt Fiber Optic Services improves Oklahoma’s rural area’s economic opportunities with 1 gigabit internet connectivity

Hamilton County & Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA

A university study estimates that from 2011–2015, Chattanooga's gigabit passive optical fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network for broadband services and smart grid generated incremental economic and social benefits of $1.3 billion and around 5,200 new jobs – an estimated benefit of $2,832 to $3,762 per county resident.

Chorus, New Zealand: A national broadband plan to raise the country’s competitiveness

Colombia: First 100 Gbps backbone network will enhance speed, capacity, and services for years to come.

New Zealand: A national broadband plan is helping New Zealanders compete in the global marketplace

Opelika, Alabama boosts quality of life and economic development with ultra-broadband and smart grid

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