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Didn't find your region or language? is an FTTH enabler lets network operators bring the speed of fiber to copper lines. With proven FTTx solutions and deployment expertise from Nokia, you can use to roll out FTTH faster and extend ultra-broadband services to every subscriber. breaks down barriers to fiber deployment

Like most operators, you want to use FTTH to deliver ultra-broadband to more people.

But some locations are hard to reach with fiber. The effort required to trench cable, dig up yards, and rewire households varies widely, adding complexity and cost. is a proven technology that lets you increase the number of homes connected in areas with FTTH.

The right solutions will help you:

  • Deliver fiber-like speeds over the last meters of existing copper infrastructure
  • Reduce CAPEX by deferring the cost of extending fiber to every building and home
  • Extend ultra-broadband to locations where fiber deployment is difficult
  • Eliminate the need to enter and rewire homes and buildings

Accelerate FTTH rollouts

Use to add flexibility to FTTH deployments and deliver high bit rates more cost-effectively.

Select the best options: offers you flexibility to use copper or coaxial cable on the last mile. Powering options like local powering or Reverse Power Feeding (RPF) together with Zero Touch Provisioning ensure a fast time-to-market.

Our CPE channels the speed of throughout the home over dual-band Wi-Fi® connections, and powering the ONT is a breeze with integrated reverse power feed functionality.

Bring ultra-broadband to any user

Conquer your deployment challenges by combining FTTH and FTTx.

Our complete line of ISAM access products lets you reach any user with any access technology.

And our micro-nodes allow you to deploy these technologies anywhere that makes economic sense.

We'll help you clear roadblocks relating to subscriber density, multi-dwelling unit (MDU) access, and fiber installation so you can extend ultra-broadband services to every home.

Secure success with an experienced FTTx partner

Get to faster by working with a proven FTTx technology leader and deployment partner.

More than 100 operators rely on our award-winning VDSL2 vectoring and V35b/Vplus solution, and we've shipped more than 90 million VDSL2 lines. Now, we’re building next generation chipsets for based on our vectoring expertise to reduce crosstalk and offer high-density micro-nodes. Our Bell Labs XG-FAST technology has proven that multi-gigabit speeds can be delivered on short copper loops. This technology will be standardized, with Nokia’s contribution, by the ITU G.mgfast project.

Our innovations and experience can help you make a reality in your network. Deliver high bit rates on short copper loops technology makes gigabit-level aggregate bit rates possible by adding spectrum to copper lines. Your current VDLS2 lines use spectrum up to 35 MHz. widens this spectrum to 212 MHz that allows true 1 Gb/s services downstream, even in a VDSL2 overlay deployment.

The high frequencies of can't be sustained over long distances. The best approach is to use a mix of technologies. is ideal for applications that bring fiber closer to the home and use very short copper loops to cover the last few meters. VDSL2 vectoring and 35b/Vplus remain the best technologies for longer copper lines.

Like VDSL2, lines are susceptible to performance-degrading crosstalk when combined in the same cable. Our Bell Labs researchers have proven that crosstalk has a much greater impact on high-frequency lines. They have also identified factors that make vectoring more complex with Their work is behind our multi-port solutions, which cancel out crosstalk and make even faster.

Aggregate (upstream + downstream) vectored birates

Where to deploy

Because it works on short copper loops, must be deployed in conjunction with fiber rollouts. But you can leverage your existing assets. FTTH operators can use the passive optical network (PON) to backhaul DPUs. And traditional FTTx operators can use to increase bit rates without having to extend fiber all the way to the home.

You can deploy at distribution points located 300 meters or less from subscribers. The use of short copper lines lowers subscriber density.

This means you can roll out ultra-broadband services using low-cost micro-nodes that typically serve 8 or 16 subscribers. can deliver value in many different deployment scenarios, including:

  • Distribution point – Bring more bandwidth to more people by deploying micro-nodes close to residences.
  • MDU – Cut deployment costs by connecting individual living units with existing copper infrastructure.

Our FTTx credentials

  • First in VDSL2 and DSL.
  • First to market with VDSL2 and vectoring solutions.
  • First vectoring trial — A1 Telekom Austria, 2013.
  • More than 40 million vectoring lines shipped to 70+ customers.
  • Over 20 live deployments, 60 trials, with volume shipments ramping up.
  • Bell Labs XG-FAST is the foundation of the next generation MGfast multi-gigabit copper technology.