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Fiber – FTTH

Build high-capacity fiber networks

Our fiber access solutions help you build fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) networks that can exceed users' expectations and hit tomorrow's bandwidth targets. We use our technology and expertise to ensure that you get the right strategy, deploy the best products, and streamline your operations.

Fiber access for a bandwidth-hungry world

Demand for bandwidth is growing as more people stream HD video, share content, use social media, and play online games. Expectations are growing, too: Consumers and businesses are constantly pushing for higher bit rates and better experiences. For operators, governments, and utilities, the ultimate response is to deploy fiber to the home.

A high-capacity FTTH network gives you opportunities to:

  • Build a competitive advantage
  • Enhance the end-user experience
  • Accelerate the move to a digital society
  • Maximize revenues for decades to come
  • Maintain an eco-sustainable network that consumes less power

To seize these opportunities, you need proven technologies and expertise.

Get to fast faster

Deliver premium experiences with FTTH

We have the tools and knowledge you need to bring ultra-broadband to every user. Our solutions let you combine market-leading speed with more efficient operations. With our help, you can deploy an FTTH network that provides dependable value for today and tomorrow.

Get the right strategy

Take risk out of FTTH rollouts by choosing the best technologies and deployment models for your network and business case. Our experts will help you make the right strategic choices.

Deploy the best product

Win the race to ultra- broadband by deploying ISAM, the market's leading access platform. We help you get — and stay — ahead with a non-blocking architecture that spans line cards, controllers, backplane systems, and network interfaces.

Streamline your operations

Drive down deployment and operations costs with advanced management and troubleshooting tools. Our solutions streamline your operations. They let you remotely validate fiber network installations and continuously monitor all in-service lines.

Solutions for the ultra-broadband era

Gigabit Networks

Bring speeds of 1 Gbps to every home with a solution that lets you roll out a gigabit access network quickly and operate it with ease.

Discover our Gigabit Networks solution

Embedded OTDR

Protect revenue and reduce operating costs with an integrated OTDR solution that monitors, troubleshoots, and resolves problems in your fiber network.

Discover our Embedded OTDR solution

Universal next-generation PON:The next step for GPON

Simplify and accelerate fiber network evolution with Nokia’s universal next-generation PON approach.

Discover our universal next-generation PON solution

PtP or PON? Make the choice that works for you

You need to make smart choices to succeed with fiber. One of your most important choices is whether to opt for point-to-point (PtP) or passive optical network (PON) technology. Your selection will shape your outside plant topology and the way you evolve your network.

We can help you make the right choice. As leaders in both technologies, we focus on what's best for you. Our ISAM FD and ISAM FX portfolios support PON and PtP on the same platform. Whether you choose PON or PtP, our solutions will ensure that your network delivers the same great ultra-fast fiber experience to every subscriber.