Mobile Fronthaul

Nokia offers a broad portfolio of fronthaul products and professional services to enable centralized RAN transformation

The Nokia Mobile Fronthaul solution enables you to stay ahead of the explosion in bandwidth demand by more quickly moving to a centralized RAN architecture.

Centralized RAN is more cost-effective because it requires less equipment, power, and space at cell sites. It improves scale and performance of LTE/LTE-A features (e.g. CoMP) by centralizing baseband processing and pooling of resources.

Leveraging our optics market leadership, the Nokia 1830 VWM product family delivers a cost-effective transition to centralized RAN via a latency/jitter optimized transport solution that minimizes space and power while maximizing reach. The solution scales to support all CPRI/OBSAI rates and improves fiber capacity by aggregating multiple channels onto a single fiber, thereby avoiding the need for large amounts of dark fiber. It supports passive, semi-passive and active transparent fronthaul options addressing a wide range of deployment environments and business models.

Accelerate and simplify deployments with robust Operations, Administration, and Maintenance (OAM) tools that enable proactive end-to-end management and maintenance of the network with visibility of remote sites. Our solution leverages the leading Nokia 5620 SAM network management system providing network and service management across the entire transport portfolio.

Our wavelength translation capabilities enable a vendor-agnostic and interoperable solution that avoids changes to RAN equipment and/or installation procedures. Low-power optics can be used at the radio site or central hub, thus speeding deployments, reducing cost, and eliminating incompatibilities across radio and baseband equipment.

Nokia has extensive services integration experience and thought leadership. The Nokia Mobile Fronthaul solution includes a comprehensive set of services to help quickly and cost-effectively design, implement, manage and maintain fronthaul transport networks. Our deep industry understanding ensures that MNOs are able to address the needs of their customers while easing the transition to central virtualized architectures.  

Nokia launches the industry’s broadest optical solution for making fronthaul economically viable to deploy at scale


  • Maximize fiber efficiency and reduce centralized RAN transformation costs
  • Optimize performance with a fully transparent and scaleable solution
  • Bring network manageability to the next level with a robust OAM toolkit 
  • Simplify and speed deployments in support of local and wide centralized RAN roll outs 

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