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FastMile - wireless broadband connectivity that goes everywhere

Broadband is an essential service for individuals and businesses. Yet many rural and suburban areas still lack reliable, high-speed broadband access. Nokia FastMile fills the gap. A wireless alternative to fixed access, FastMile extends broadband into new areas, helping to meet National Broadband Plans to bring the internet to every household. Companies can benefit from FastMile too. High-speed broadband access enables them to work more efficiently, bringing economic benefits to the local area. FastMile gives mobile operators an opportunity to extend their customer base and offer new services using their existing network infrastructure.

Use Cases
Technical Solution

Combining a specific fixed wireless radio antenna topology solution with interference mitigation techniques, along with an end user high gain,directional beamforming antenna, all installable on top of any existing LTE network, Nokia FastMile allows operators to build profitably on the existing macro installed base and idle rural spectrum offering fixed wireless broadband with guaranteed throughput to suburban, rural, and deep rural users. The solution has four main components - the outdoor modem and indoor router, LTE-Advanced network, a controller, and mobile apps. FastMile can use a wide range of FDD and TDD frequencies.

Adoption of this solution by end-users requires an easy to buy, install, and manage approach. FastMile is designed to increase end user adoption with fast and low cost deployment using appealing and easy to install equipment in residential locations. Combined with an integrated installation capability that covers the residential equipment, radio access network, controller, and smartphone applications to help users with the installation, FastMile is focusing on keeping operator deployment costs to a minimum.

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  • Ideal for rural and suburban deployments
  • Better price to performance ratio of any rural broadband solution
  • Compact and easy to install - popular with end users
  • End-to-end, with FastMile Controller, ensures high data rate and guaranteed throughput
  • Expands rural and suburban capacity, using specific antenna topologies and LTE-Advanced interference mitigation features.

Carrier Grade Triple Play services, enabling Digital Home and Digital Enterprise applications.


Nokia FastMile maximizes system capacity and provides a guaranteed high throughput in larger service areas in the higher frequency bands such as the 1.8 GHz to the 3.7 GHz band It allows the re-use of the existing base station grid.

  • FastMile Home Outdoor Modem - High gain directional residential outdoor beamforming antenna
  • FastMile Home Router - WiFi and Gigabyte Ethernet indoor router for broadband connectivity
  • FastMile Controller - Cloud based controller running on Nokia AirFrame that manages FastMile network to maximize signal strength and quality for giving minimum guaranteed throughput
  • Nokia LTE-A RAN - Specific macro configuration optimized for fixed wireless broadband
  • FastMile SmartPhone Applications  - Point of Sale and End User applications that ease deployment and installation of residential equipment