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Build modern IP networks that deliver lasting economic benefits

Take advantage of our extensive experience building some of the world’s largest IP networks. Over 700 service providers run networks on our proven Service Router Operating System (SR OS) and IP routing platforms. We are committed to a cohesive and consistent design strategy that ensures full backward compatibility across all generations of our network processor silicon.

Get more value from cutting edge routing silicon

Each generation of our network processing silicon has extended capabilities to address new opportunities. With platforms based on our new FP4 silicon, you get unmatched scale and capabilities as well as economic benefits and investment protection.

Accelerate software rollout

Our FP-based routing platforms feature programmable network processor silicon. They let you roll out new software quickly, without having to change the underlying hardware.

Add features continuously and easily

Our FP4 silicon lets you add features continuously, through software upgrades. Its extensible design ensures that our systems will outlast your business case needs in the most demanding networks worldwide.

Upgrade hardware seamlessly

Our FP4-based platforms support 100GE, 400GE and terabit links today, offering seamless evolution to successive generations of router line cards. They provide full forward and backward compatibility for router hardware elements.

Stay ahead of new service demands with routers that blend high capacity with extensive capabilities and the peace of mind that comes with system longevity.

With FP4, existing 7750 SR systems double in capacity, the 7750 SR-12e triples in capacity and the 7950 XRS systems get a six-fold boost.

Prepare for the petabit future with the world’s most powerful and extensible core routing platform.

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