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Evolved Service Operations Center (eSOC)

Nokia takes Service Operations Centers (SOC) to a new level with our eSOC solution

The Nokia evolved Service Operations Center is the first SOC offering to deliver closed-loop automation which enables SPs to quickly detect, diagnose and recover from service-impacting issues without human intervention.

With our eSOC solution, you can:

  • Reduce service restoration times by automating recovery actions
  • Reduce the occurrence of customer-affecting problems through proactive analytics
  • Improve the pace and accuracy of operations through real-time analytics

Boost business performance by focusing on customers and services

Our eSOC solution enables you to shift your operational focus from the network to customers and services. It increases your operational maturity by allowing you to add proactive, predictive, and automation capabilities. These changes help you reduce costs and do more for your customers.

Create value through customer-centric operations
eSOC: Create value through customer-centric operations

Introduce automation into your Service Operations Center

The best and least expensive kinds of customer issues are ones that customers never find out about. Reacting to these issues after they occur hurts your brand and decreases customer retention rates. It also initiates costly call center, network operations and field maintenance processes that could be replaced with simpler actions or avoided altogether.

Our eSOC solution combines intelligence from the network with service quality insights, and customer and subscriber analytics. It lets you achieve automated, informed, and effective operations so you can focus on troubleshooting issues that have the greatest impact on customer service quality.

Use analytics-driven insights to heal service issues

Network quality plays a key role in determining whether your customers will remain loyal. Our eSOC solution lets you combine customer experience and service quality insights to prioritize service-affecting problems. It adds automation to help your SOC heal and close out these problems before they hurt your customer relationships.

Combine insights with automation to resolve service issues
eSOC: Combine insights with automation to resolve service issues


  • 90-plus percent of service problems detected proactively by SOC
  • 50 percent fewer service-related complaints
  • 50 percent faster service restoration
  • 20 percent faster alarm handling
  • 20 percent fewer site visits
  • 5 percent increase in service usage


Service monitoring module

  • Real-time, end-to-end view of service quality across different domains
  • Comprehensive alarm and KPI/KQI matrix
  • Advanced root cause analysis and the ability to drill down to problems

Analytics module

  • Near-real-time, in-line analytics that support operations and historical, offline data lakes
  • Comprehensive alarm and KPI/KQI matrix

Automation module

  • Automated diagnostics
  • Automated recovery
  • Automated event suppression
  • Trouble ticket lifecycle management
  • Automated customer experience steps