NetGuard Endpoint Security

Protect fixed, mobile, and IoT devices with a network-based anti-malware solution

Nokia NetGuard Endpoint Security is a network-based anti-malware solution for fixed, mobile, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. You can use it to detect malware, minimize its impact on the subscriber experience, and generate revenue by providing a superior protection service.

NetGuard Endpoint Security works with fixed and mobile networks. It is optimized for smartphones and addresses the many complex challenges associated with IoT security. If hackers gain access to an IoT device and use its processor or internet connection for fraud or other attacks, Endpoint Security identifies the device and uses automated actions to mitigate the problem.

NetGuard Endpoint Security: Network-based protection for fixed, mobile, and IoT devices


NetGuard Endpoint Security is a user protection system that runs on telco networks. Its analytics engine monitors and analyzes traffic for fixed, mobile, SMS and premium voice services, searching for patterns that are consistent with malware behavior. The information on known malware behavior comes from a malware intelligence database provided by Nokia Threat Intelligence Labs.

With NetGuard Endpoint Security, you benefit from several unique capabilities, including: 

  • A deep mobile network view that provides access to specific data such as IMSI, MSISDN or Cell ID
  • The ability to monitor and analyze the internal traffic of a mobile network as well as traffic to and from the internet
  • Comprehensive protection that covers traditional malware, new variants and premium SMS fraud
  • Scalability that allows you to monitor the entire network with limited hardware

By building these unique capabilities into a product that doesn’t require an end-user client and can report anomalies on IoT device communications, NetGuard Endpoint Security gives you effective protection for smartphones and IoT devices.

Nokia earns Light Reading security innovation award

We won the Most Innovative Security Strategy (Vendor) category at the 2015 Leading Lights awards for our network-based approach to IoT security.

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Nokia endpoint security product up for CTIA technology award

Our NetGuard Endpoint Security product is a finalist for the 2016 CTIA e-Tech awards.

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Hacker Alert security service generates substantial revenue for TDS Telecom

US-based TDS Telecom has created a clear differentiator with an anti-malware solution powered by Nokia. The Hacker Alert service has allowed TDS to generate new revenue, cut costs by removing malicious traffic from the network, and reduce the volume of calls to its customer support center.

Before TDS introduced Hacker Alert, 88 percent of customer care calls not related to service, billing or hardware were about malware. These calls were driving costs up: on average, it took 11 minutes to diagnose a problem and 1.5 hours to remove an infection.

Today, 83 percent of malware problems are fixed if subscribers follow the removal recommendations provided by Hacker Alert. As a result, TDS is fielding 98 percent fewer support calls and raising 40 times fewer tickets compared to client-based anti-virus software.

TDS Hacker Alert is highly regarded by TDS subscribers, with 84 percent rating the service as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’.

TDS Telecommunications is the seventh-largest local exchange telephone company in the US, connecting people with high-speed internet, phone, and TV entertainment services. TDS has nearly 1 million customers and more than 225,000 broadband internet connections in service.

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Nokia NetGuard Endpoint Security provides network-based security for fixed, mobile and IoT devices. This scalable product provides capabilities that let you monitor and analyze traffic patterns, identify threats, and apply automated actions to minimize the impact of security events. With NetGuard Endpoint Security, you can detect and address malware before it hinders the customer experience and turn these capabilities into profitable security service offerings.