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Deepfield: IP Network Analytics & DDoS Protection


Deepfield: IP Network Analytics & DDoS Protection

Improve IP network performance, security and efficiency for the cloud and IoT era

Our Deepfield solution delivers the IP Network analytics and DDoS protection you need to manage and secure your network in real time.

With this software-only solution, instantly identify cloud applications and services and see how they impact your network and your subscribers.

Deepfield delivers the multi-dimensional insight you need to increase subscriber satisfaction, reduce churn, and secure your networks from today’s highly complex DDoS attacks—without the escalating costs of dedicated appliances.

Designed to expect the unexpected Reimagine your IP networksUse our breakthrough silicon innovations, software and systems to modernize your IP network and seize new opportunities presented by the cloud, 5G and the IoT.

How can your business benefit from the Nokia Deepfield solution?

100% visibility
Deepfield provides visibility of all traffic flowing through your network—even if it’s encrypted.

Insights into trends
Real-time insights into subscriber, service and Internet of Things (IoT) trends help you improve capacity planning and troubleshooting. They also help you lower peering and transit costs.

Unrivalled DDoS protection
The industry’s most accurate, most flexible and fastest DDoS detection and mitigation solution provides the security you need to protect your network in the cloud and IoT era.

Cost-effective scaling
Our software solution supports far greater scale than hardware solutions at a fraction of the cost.

CAPEX and OPEX savings
Our solution is easier to deploy and operate than hardware-based solutions. This saves you money.

Increased profits
Deepfield provides insight that can guide your planning and engineering decisions. It enables you to make more effective changes and deliver a better user experience. This helps you reduce costs and increase revenue.

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Nokia Deepfield is the industry’s most comprehensive IP network analytics and DDoS protection solution. Trusted by over 90 percent of US cable operators, this cost-effective software solution delivers the performance, security and efficiency your network needs to support cloud and IoT applications. With Deepfield, you gain end-to-end network visibility that helps you improve capacity planning and troubleshooting, lower peering and transit costs, and optimize the customer experience.