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Cloud Data Center Interconnect for Service Providers

The Nokia Cloud Data Center Interconnect (Cloud DCI) for Service Providers solution enables service providers to connect distributed data centers in private, virtual private, public, and hybrid clouds.

With our cloud DCI solution, you can:

  • Offer direct-connect and managed DCI services using wavelength, Ethernet and IP/MPLS services . Our solution lets you connect multiple customer data centers in the cloud with scale, agility, and flexibility
  • Deploy data center gateways. These gateways help you extend customer data center virtualization over IP/MPLS and connect remote sites and end users to applications in the cloud
  • Connect your distributed data centers and central offices. Cloud DCI helps you to optimize resource pools and deliver cloud services more efficiently

The Photonic Service Engine 3 is lighting the way to a new approach and taking optical networking to the limit of physics. Fulfill your network’s true potential with maximum capacity and radically simplified programmability.


Increase revenue and profitability

  • Deliver direct-connect and managed DCI services between data centers and IT resources to help customers adopt private, virtual private, hybrid, and public clouds.
  • Offer scalable bandwidth, low latency, QoS, security, and end-to-end management so your customers can run business-critical applications in the cloud.
  • Leverage your dark fiber, wavelength, Ethernet, and IP/MPLS services to offer high-revenue, high-margin managed DCI and cloud DCI services.

Enable cloud DCI for all participants in the cloud ecosystem

  • Offer managed DCI solutions that let enterprise, systems integrator, industry, and public sector customers connect remote sites and end users to applications in the cloud.
  • Offer high-capacity metro DCI solutions that enable carrier-neutral providers to interconnect their data centers and co-location facilities.
  • Offer high-capacity, long-haul DCI solutions that enable Internet content and cloud providers to connect their national and international data centers.

Deliver cloud services efficiently and cost effectively

  • Boost your business agility and resiliency by leveraging IT resources across your entire network and building a more efficient cloud service platform.
  • Automate and improve the efficiency of cloud service delivery with software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV).
  • Improve virtual machine mobility between data centers and balance workloads between facilities by supporting multiple customers on the same platform.

Automate and optimize your data centers and central offices

  • Optimize IT resources across multiple facilities by extending virtualization across your data centers and central offices.
  • Easily configure, move, scale up, or scale down IT resources across your data center and central office infrastructure.
  • Improve business continuity and provide transparent workload mobility to ensure that customers can access cloud services during failures.
Secure Optical Transport

Secure in-flight data avoiding sensitive material from getting into the wrong hands.


Taking light to the limit with the Photonic Service Engine 3

Nokia is shaping the future of optical networking with the new super coherent Photonic Service Engine (PSE-3) chipset.