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Customer Experience Management

Nokia advanced CEM solutions put automation and intelligence to work in bold new ways

Nokia Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions can help you seize new business opportunities and operate more efficiently.They ensure customers get maximum value from your services while decreasing your costs.

Our solutions enable a holistic approach to CEM across the fixed and mobile domains.
Machine learning and Cognitive Analytics serve to turn insights into action along the entire customer journey. With our solutions, you can:

  • Optimize the customer experience across every touchpoint
  • Better deliver to your customer’s human needs, wants and interests through new services and offerings
  • Create personalized marketing campaigns based on the way customers use your services
  • Make your processes customer centric by integrating CEM with core operations tools
  • Build better experiences around customer care and device management – a critical touchpoint for customers
  • Enhance the billing experience by supporting real-time rating, charging and mediation capabilities
  • Use network and device data to support intelligent automation, and actions that optimize customer satisfaction

October, 2017

Swisscom Shares Operator Insight on
Enhanced In-Home Wi-Fi Experience

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Create a lasting impact

Traditional CEM use cases focus on addressing the business problems of specific service provider organizations. Providers measure the business value of these use cases based on the direct and immediate benefits they provide to marketing, customer care, or engineering organizations.

Our solutions help you do more with CEM. For example, they can help you create B2B sales opportunities, predict experience scenarios to power marketing campaigns, or deliver proactive customer care. These capabilities can provide direct and indirect benefits – and lasting value to you and your customers.

Create new ways of working

We use our solutions and expertise to help you redesign processes, organizations, and tools around CEM. With our support, you can align the efforts of commercial and technical teams, support new customer-centric processes, and achieve greater levels of automation. 

Our holistic approach lets you give all stakeholders access to the same CEM data set. Commercial teams no longer have to wait to get the data they need. They can use the same tool – and speak the same language – as your technical teams. This alignment will help you address customer issues much more quickly and create great customer experiences.

Why choose Nokia for customer experience management?

Build a CEM solution that’s right for your business

We offer an extensive library of off-the-shelf use cases based on our work with service providers around the world. We can help you deploy a solution that benefits you and your customers.

Create the best outcomes for every customer

Our technologies let you combine customer-centric processes with automation. They ensure that you always take the right CEM actions at the right times.

Reduce OPEX with proven solutions

Our CEM solutions have enabled our top 10 customers to save more than 2 billion euros over the last 10 years. They can help you save, too.

Secure success by working with a CEM market leader

We serve 40+ customers with our award-winning Cognitive Analytics for Customer Insight and 300+ customers with our care and device management solutions. And we’re #1 in market share for fixed and mobile device management. Our proven solutions will help you reduce costs and deliver exceptional experiences.

Discover our advanced CEM portfolio

The Nokia advanced CEM portfolio is a holistic range of solutions delivering to your customer’s human needs, wants, and interests. It enhances and simplifies the operator’s relationship to the customer journey – resolving issues, adding services, cancelling services, paying bills and so much more.

Device and Subscription ManagementDeliver better customer experience, reduce OPEX and TCO for mobile, home and IoT device management

Customer Care SolutionsImprove business performance by delivering a superior customer experience

Cognitive Analytics for Customer InsightSee and manage every aspect of the customer experience through an easy-to-use online portal

Cognitive Analytics for Crowd InsightOpen additional revenue streams by allowing service providers to operationalize their data towards new vertical markets

Cognitive Analytics for Marketing InsightProvide real-time predictive analytics for subscriber behavior analysis and deliver personalized actions for subscriber engagement

Care and ProvisioningBoost your Net Promoter Score and reduce support costs with an omnichannel platform that consolidates your customer care activities across fixed and mobile services

Home and Access AnalyticsReduce costs and secure customer loyalty by addressing issues proactively, before customers notice them

Service Quality ManagerEmpower service operations teams to prioritize troubleshooting based on how problems impact service quality at key locations

SurePay®Reduce time to market and monetize new service offers with reliable and agile real-time rating and convergent charging

TrafficaEnhance the customer experience by combining monitoring and troubleshooting with real-time traffic, network, performance, device and subscriber insights

Wireless Network GuardianGet real-time analytics that let you operate, manage and plan your network based on what customers are experiencing

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Nokia can help you extend a unified approach to CEM across the mobile and fixed service domains. Our CEM portfolio combines our award-winning CEM portal with market-leading customer care and device management platforms and proven solutions for specific touchpoints. It can help you use CEM to streamline your operations and create value that has a lasting impact on your customers and your business.