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Critical Wide Area Network Infrastructure for Industries


Critical Wide Area Network Infrastructure for Industries

A secure, reliable and flexible communications infrastructure is crucial for mission-critical operations and business services required by public organizations and private companies in the fields of government, defense, oil and gas, highways, and more.

The Nokia Critical Wide Area Network Infrastructure solution ensures the interconnection of all types of fixed and mobile communication traffic including legacy and Ethernet/IP. It provides the structure for a smooth migration to an all-IP network. Based on IP/MPLS routing and switching technology and incorporating optical and wireless, the Critical WAN Infrastructure solution enables the convergence of all traffic (voice, video and data) onto a single network with enhanced security and prioritization capabilities. It maximizes resources through quality of service and traffic engineering, and ensures an always-on network through effective end-to-end management tools. 


The Nokia Critical WAN Infrastructure solution can be customized to suit specific mission-critical operations and business communication needs. This reliable, secure, and scalable infrastructure includes the following products:

 IP/MPLS routers, carrier Ethernet switch/router portfolio

Optical portfolio

Wireless transmission (microwave) portfolio

Wireline access portfolio



Run a single broadband network to support mission-critical operations and business traffic, including legacy and new high-bandwidth IP-based applications

  • Support existing applications while enabling the evolution to next-generation Ethernet/IP network equipment
  • Increase flexibility to rapidly trial new applications without investing in a new network
  • Reduce investment risk with an evolving applications and services mix

Reduce OPEX while maximizing use of communications infrastructure


  • A converged network with simplified management 
  • Dynamic, efficient use of bandwidth with application-specific Hierarchical quality of service
  • Common service and network management for IP/MPLS, optical and microwave 

Preserve integrity and functionality of mission-critical operations applications

  • Rugged, reliable communications network equipment designed to meet the strict requirements of mission-critical networks
  • Predictable network performance with MPLS traffic engineering 
  • Guaranteed throughput and availability for critical applications
  • High reliability and security through inherent and enhanced MPLS, encryption and redundancy capabilities

Introduce new applications

  • Efficiently support new IP-based applications with a scalable, reliable and secure network infrastructure
  • Superior IP/MPLS service and network management tools reduce the technology learning curve and minimize challenges of implementing a new technology 
  • Less expensive, less disruptive migration of old hardware to new systems over time 

How Nokia can help

Nokia partners with its customers through every step of a Critical WAN Infrastructure implementation to create a secure, mission-critical communications infrastructure that is ready to support new applications. Our services organization can provide network consulting to help consider various options and decision-making based on business objectives and technology, followed by design and architecture, project management and network deployment to plan and install the new components. End-to-end integration and migration services tie together the IP/MPLS network with optical fiber and microwave networks. Nokia can also operate the communications network, leaving you free to concentrate on your core business.