Motive Connected Device Platform

Reduce costs, speed time to market and enhance the customer experience with the industry’s  #1 device management solution

Our Motive® Connected Device Platform (CDP) helps you reduce OPEX and TCO for device management and deliver better customer experiences for mobile, home and Internet of Things (IoT) services.

The Motive CDP is a multi-tenant, converged cloud platform that securely manages all types of connected devices. You can use its robust features, scalable architecture, and comprehensive device lifecycle management capabilities to:

  • Lower device-related operations, marketing and support costs
  • Onboard devices and services faster
  • Roll out security updates more efficiently
  • Speed time to market for services such as VoLTE, VoWi-Fi® and RCS
  • Optimize the customer experience on all devices before you launch new services
  • Activate services on physical or virtual SIMs

The Motive CDP is a key part of our Motive customer care and provisioning portfolio. By combining the CDP with our Motive Care and Support Applications, you can boost first-call resolution rates and reduce handling time for device-related issues. This enhances the customer experience and keeps your care costs low.

Nokia won an award in the category “Best Innovation in Internet of Things” with its IMPACT IoT Platform and Nokia Motive® Connected Device Platform (CDP). With IMPACT, Telcos, Enterprises and Governments can easily scale, secure IoT services while reducing costs and time to market. IMPACT also integrates the latest release of Motive Connected Device Platform (CDP) for its #1 market-share-leading device management capabilities for all network connected devices and sensors. Motive CDP supports more than 1.5 billion devices and sensors in the market today.

Nokia won both a second place award in the category “Everything Industrial & Enterprise: Industrial IoT (IIoT, M2M, Sensors, RFID, NFC etc.)” and the coveted “Crowd Favorite” award – with more than 8000 votes in the popular vote – with its IMPACT IoT with Motive® Connected Device Platform

Succeed with the market leader in connected device management

Nokia is the #1 provider of mobile device, home device and small cell management solutions. We use our leadership, experience and technologies to help you manage connected devices and services more effectively.

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Deliver a superior experience on every device

Deploy a converged platform that lets you build exceptional experiences around mobile, home and IoT devices. With Motive CDP, you can integrate device management, service management, customer care, self-care, and field technician applications proven in service provider and MVNO environments worldwide.

Control the complete device lifecycle

Reduce costs and risk with comprehensive device lifecycle management capabilities, including our MotiveSmart™ device certification program. Motive CDP lets you certify, detect, qualify, secure, diagnose, maintain, update, configure and activate devices at every stage of the device lifecycle.

Launch new services easily on any device

Gain flexibility that can help you quickly deploy and activate new services on a variety of connected devices. Motive CDP can support network- or user-initiated carrier service activation functions. These functions can help you succeed with VoLTE, VoWi-Fi, M2M, and virtual SIM deployments for IoT services.

Nokia is the # 1 provider of device management solutions for all things connected in the mobile, home, and IoT domains. Our Motive CDP packs robust features and scalability into a multi-tenant, converged cloud platform. It can help you securely manage massive numbers of network-connected devices and quickly onboard new services to these devices.