Communications and Collaboration

The next wave of communications

What if you could radically change how your communication services are delivered and consumed? Then you could completely shift your focus away from managing existing complexity and toward service innovation and market expansion.

Nokia Rapport™ is a software-based cloud platform that will change the way you think about communications.

Break down siloed networks and deliver service across any network and any device. Rapport lets you think in terms of one common, open platform that fully embraces the cloud to meet the constantly changing needs of your customers and employees.

Deliver communication services in new ways. Rapport lets you add voice, video, chat, and sharing features contextually to applications, websites and connected objects, providing a richer, more engaging experience.

Deliver new services cost-effectively. Rapport lets you change your business case and pursue new opportunities more confidently and creatively.

Experience communications in new ways.

Simplify and reduce costs while eliminating silos.

Change the business case by delivering all your communications services from a single, cloud communications and collaboration platform, and eliminate legacy network silos.

Adapt the experience to the constantly changing needs of your users.

Deliver a far more engaging and consistent experience for your users across all of their communications devices by plugging in new cloud applications and customizing them to meet your users’ needs.

Transform communications into an asset that can be built into any service or app.

Become an innovator. Pursue new opportunities quickly by delivering contextual communications features to any app securely through robust APIs and simple software development kits.

Let Rapport change the way you think about communications

We can help you get up and running quickly with solutions focused on specific large enterprise and service provider segments, simplifying delivery, integration and management. Rapport software goes beyond virtualization to fully embrace the cloud with a single software communication platform with open, robust APIs and simple SDKs. And our open ecosystem of developers and partners is here to help you innovate.

It’s time to ride the next wave of communications.

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