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CloudBand Ecosystem

Helping the network move to NFV

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The Nokia CloudBand™ ecosystem is a network functions virtualization (NFV) community that works together to accelerate NFV development and implementation. It includes service providers, NFV platform partners, and virtual network function vendors who are exchanging ideas, exploring new possibilities, and collaborating on effective ways to use NFV.

This program provides open access to the CloudBand NFV platform, as well as resources and tools for onboarding virtualized applications. It also allows joint promotion of successful and relevant use cases  —  and offers access to previously tested use cases and solution ideas for advancing the deployment and business case for NFV.

The CloudBand community has been contributing to the adoption of NFV since 2013 by implementing proof of concepts (PoCs) involving its 60+ members. Now, we’ve extended the program to promote NFV deployment in a production environment, which requires more robust and thorough tests and integrations.

CloudBand certification offers virtualized network functions (VNF) vendors a rigorous and systematic framework for testing and validating their VNFs over the CloudBand NFV platform. This program also lets service providers select from a catalog of pre-validated VNFs, helping to speed and simplify the deployment of commercial NFV projects.

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Working together to accelerate NFV adoption

Operators cannot make the transition to virtualization alone. NFV is a complex and challenging process that brings together many new technologies. So it takes many minds working together to build this new architecture. Many smart and innovative vendors and operators are already making significant contributions to specific parts of NFV. And their progress highlights the need to include other partners who share the same philosophy.

We believe in helping service providers get to NFV faster. This means:

  • Joining forces to overcome complexity
  • Accelerating the maturity of all NFV components
  • Validating VNF lifecycle management approaches
  • Testing the onboarding of many different VNF vendors.

CloudBand certification program

Our program helps service providers:

  • Validate VNF suppliers’ compliance with NFV standards
  • Expedite deployment and reduce risk
  • Accelerate time to market with pre-validated VNFs
  • Access a broader range of pre-validated VNFs, offering greater choice for service creation
  • Gain the opportunity to create a self-service marketplace for applications for enterprise and residential customers.

Members get the chance to:

  • Join others in joint marketing and go-to-markets opportunities
  • Consult with our experienced experts, deployment requirements.

Both service providers and members benefit from:

  • Ongoing re-certification of VNFs for simplified deployment of new releases.

The CloudBand ecosystem

Our ecosystem offers a hub where application providers,cloud infrastructure providers, and service providers can share information and collaborate to create innovative NFV solutions and services. 

Members gain the opportunity to:

  • Access a dedicated lab environment that includes the full CloudBand portfolio — as well as training and support for onboarding apps onto the CloudBand managed infrastructure (with or without CloudBand Application Manager)
  • Review use cases and proof points created with our community members
  • Connect to members and explore other areas of interest
  • Participate in ecosystem events, round tables, and training
  • Get access to the CloudBand technical library

CloudBand Certification Program

The certification process validates that a VNF is technically ready to be deployed and orchestrated with CloudBand. This pre-testing in our lab makes sure that the VNF is “ready to assemble” with CloudBand, with minimal further integration.

There are two levels of certification for VNF suppliers:

  • Deployment certification: Awarded when a supplier´s VNF can be successfully deployed over the CloudBand infrastructure 
  • Life cycle management certification: Achieved when a deployment-certified VNF has also successfully passed one — or several — automated life cycle management criteria, such as automated deployment, automated healing, automated scaling, or automated patching and updating. Testing may be conducted with or without Nokia CloudBand Application Manager as the VNF manager

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The CloudBand ecosystem is a community of 60+ like-minded NFV innovators. By working together, we help make the process of specifying and integrating all the pieces faster — accelerating the reality of NFV.