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AirGile cloud-native core network

AirGile cloud-native core network meets your needs for massive IoT and the 5G programmable world

The Nokia AirGile cloud-native core network offers the flexibility, responsiveness and adaptability needed to deliver the high performance, ultra-reliability and low latency demanded by the 5G programmable world. The Nokia AirGile solution is based on new, modular software architecture built with cloud capabilities and technologies to achieve improved cloud redundancy and software overload protection.

AirGile Cloud Portfolio

Nokia Cloud native core

Cloud-native core network: explicitly built and optimized for cloud
Ready for DevOps?

With a lower overall cost achieved through more efficient computing, the Nokia cloud-native core enables operators to move to a DevOps model, allowing the automation and life-cycle management of resources.

  • Supports a wide variety of business models using multiple fixed and mobile access technologies, meeting the needs of new industry and enterprise customers
  • Delivers new services that depend on extremely low latency, massive connectivity, full mobility and high service availability
  • Efficiently deals with unpredictable demand by adapting instantly to traffic fluctuations and cost-effectively shaping and scaling network resources to match different service needs
  • Provides the flexibility and automation to manage increasingly complex networks
  • Uses an open network platform to meet the needs of many sectors beyond the telecoms industry
  • Introduces new services more easily, bringing innovation rapidly to market
  • Enables extreme network security to prevent attacks by implementing continuously improving automated security infrastructure
  • Is more energy efficient and eco-friendly