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Velocix Cloud DVR

Think DVR out of the box

Nokia Velocix Cloud DVR lets you deliver a range of time-shifted TV and network digital video recorder (DVR) services that enhance your subscribers' viewing experience while reducing costs and increasing revenue opportunities.

Why move to the cloud? Because TV-watching behavior is changing. New devices and technologies provide more flexibility to consumers who tend to move away from programming timetables dictated by television networks. They now expect to view content on their own schedules, in any location and on any device they choose. Nokia Velocix Cloud DVR lets you meet that consumer demand — and do more.

Your DVR in the cloud

It's the natural next step for DVRs: Moving DVR technology — tuners, hard-disks, processing power — from the home and into the cloud.

By making the move to Cloud DVR, you can:

  • Reach more subscribers, devices and locations with content
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase revenue opportunities.

Your subscribers will have more flexibility and control over how they watch programming, improving their experience.

And content owners and advertisers will have more ability to control how content is recorded and consumed.

The Cloud DVR principle figure

The Cloud DVR principle

Cloud DVR benefits everyone


Reduced capital expenses

  • Lower set-top-box (STB) costs
  • Multi-room DVR service without additional hardware
  • Shared central storage to reduce costs compared to distributed storage

Reduced operational expenses

  • Fewer help desk calls and less STB maintenance
  • Reduced truck rolls

Incremental revenue

  • Offer added-value DVR services
  • Upsell extended storage capacity and parallel recordings
  • Improve end-user experience and reduce churn


TV on demand, from any device, any location

  • Recorded content and time-shifted TV services (pause live TV, rewind, start over and catch up)

Unlimited storage space

  • No capacity limits in the cloud

Parallel recordings

  • Simultaneously record multiple TV programs while watching live TV

Reliability and availability

  • Guarantee content availability with redundant configuration
  • Back-up personal content


Better control over what is recorded and how

  • Storage capacity, number of tuners, and storage time for recordings can all be configured

New revenue models

  • Enriched viewer profiles offer a better view of how subscribers watch live and time-shifted TV
  • Dated commercials in catch-up and recorded programs can be replaced with fresh ones, which can be targeted at individuals or groups of subscribers

Why Velocix Cloud DVR from Nokia?

Nokia is a pioneer in cloud DVR technology. We started research in 2000, first demonstrated a solution in 2001, and provided one of the very first public deployments — to the telecommunications company Arcor in Germany — in 2007.

Cloud DVR Timeline Diagram

Today, our flexible Velocix Cloud DVR solution enables service providers to benefit from powerful, cloud-based storage, processing and management.

Our solution's reliable storage and streaming capacities can quickly and easily scale with consumer demand. It supports and optimizes private copy, shared copy, and rolling buffer modes with on-the-fly content repackaging to match subscriber devices.

Open interfaces to client devices, back office, ad insertion and head-end video systems further enhance your cloud DVR services.

Emmy® Award-winning DVR technology

And our solution supports distribution over legacy Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) networks, IP networks and content delivery networks (CDNs) (both on- and off-net). Velocix Cloud DVR is also backwards compatible with legacy set-top boxes using IP or DVB-C for video delivery to further ensure business continuity.

Nokia combines an unmatched IP Video solutions skill set with a wealth of knowledge gained through more than 100 deployments worldwide. Several service providers, including Telefonica, Vodafone Portugal, Numericable and Liberty Global, selected Nokia to deploy cloud DVR services.

During the 65th Annual Technology & Engineering Emmy® Awards, which took place at the 2014 Consumer Electronic Show, the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences honored us for our "pioneering work in the implementation and deployment of network DVR."

"I want to congratulate [you] for being recognized as one of a select few to be honored with the Emmy® Award for Technology and Engineering for 2013. Your pioneering work in implementation and deployment of Network DVR showed excellence in engineering creativity, and you join a distinguished history of honorees that are chosen each year by dozens of industry experts and peers."

Robert P. Seidel, chairman of the Technology and Engineering Achievement Committee, National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

The Emmy® Awards is the copyright of ATAS/NATAS.


IP Video innovation

Cloud DVR is the first step towards an all-IP video future, in which the cloud hosts advanced TV services and delivers them directly to a broad range of consumer devices.

We can guide you on the journey to IP video and keep you at the heart of the pay TV value chain. Our IP Video innovations will help you deliver an exceptional multiscreen video experience to your customers.

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