Cloud Data Center Interconnect

Data center interconnect for the cloud era

Nokia cloud data center interconnect (cloud DCI) solutions enable you to connect cloud data centers with greater agility, flexibility, scalability, and security.

Our cloud interconnect solutions offer a new approach to DCI. They provide scalable, integrated, and dynamic networks that let you interconnect data centers and IT resources across private, virtual private, hybrid, and public clouds.

We offer cloud DCI solutions for service providers, co-location providers, cloud providers, and enterprises. Our technologies let you choose the best options to enable your data centers and IT resources for the cloud.

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The emerging cloud ecosystem

How can you benefit from our cloud DCI solutions?

  • Get the high-speed, low-latency, reliable, and secure bandwidth you need to connect cloud data centers and IT resources
  • Leverage multi-site and multi-technology capabilities to share data, distribute applications, and balance workloads across multiple data centers and cloud types
  • Orchestrate network resources quickly and efficiently so you can provision connections on demand between data centers and across clouds

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How can you use cloud DCI?

Communication service providers (CSPs)

  • Generate revenue with managed cloud DCI using wavelength, Carrier Ethernet and IP/MPLS services
  • Offer virtual private and hosted cloud services using high performance, low latency secure optical DCI

Carrier neutral providers (CNPs)​

  • Support data center and colocation facility build outs with high capacity, low latency metro DCI solutions
  • Attract new tenants by providing access to co-location facilities with high capacity, low cost DCI solutions 

Internet content and cloud providers (ICPs)​

  • Assist hyper-scale data center buildout and reach by implementing private long-haul terabit DCI
  • Extend metro footprint and reach with agile and dynamic cloud DCI solutions

Enterprise, public sector and strategic industries​

  • Increase capacity, control and security with DCI for private, virtual private, and hybrid clouds
  • Provide IT agility and flexibility by extending DCI securely to off-premise hosting facilities

Discover our cloud interconnect solutions

Nokia cloud DCI solutions help all cloud ecosystem participants interconnect data centers and IT resources in the cloud. They address different business needs with unprecedented capacity, reach, and flexibility. And they support metro, regional, national, and intercontinental connectivity requirements.

Cloud DCI for CSPsDeliver highly scalable managed cloud DCI using wavelength, carrier Ethernet and IP/MPLS services

Cloud DCI for CNPsInterconnect your data centers with high capacity, metro optimized cloud DCI solutions

Cloud DCI for ICPsImplement high performance, low latency cloud DCI with long-haul reach and terabit capacity

Cloud DCI for enterprise, public sector and strategic industriesGet the agile, flexible, high performance DCI solutions you needs for the cloud era

More insights on cloud DCI

We offer cloud DCI solutions for all cloud ecosystem participants. Our offer includes secure optical transport and IP/MPLS routing solutions for cloud DCI, and SDN solutions for the data center and the WAN. These solutions provide wavelength, Ethernet and IP options with unmatched capacity, reach, and flexibility. They support unified IP/optical management and automated, on-demand networking with carrier SDN. With our cloud DCI solutions, you can support more agile, flexible, secure, and cost-effective data center interconnect for the cloud era.