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T-Mobile USA improves residential coverage and voice quality with 9961 Multi-Standard Home Cell


T-Mobile USA improves residential coverage and voice quality with 9961 Multi-Standard Home Cell


Customer: T-Mobile USA
Region: Americas
Nokia products and solutions: 9961 Multi-Standard Home Cell


T-Mobile USA is committed to improving voice coverage and capacity through the deployment of proven technologies. In 2014, its Un-carrier 7.0 initiative brought Wi-Fi® calling and texting to all new smartphones. T-Mobile supported these services by making Wi-Fi access points and repeaters available to residential subscribers.

With these first steps complete, T-Mobile wanted to ramp up its efforts to eliminate coverage gaps, improve quality of experience, and boost capacity. It was looking for technologies that could:

  • Deliver best-quality voice service anywhere and everywhere
  • Offer all the same services users expect from the macro
  • Serve subscribers in homes and small businesses
  • Provide plug-and-play capabilities that make setup easy for subscribers
  • Support possible future re-farming of frequencies to spectrally efficient LTE


T-Mobile has taken Un-carrier 7.0 to the next level by deploying the world’s first 4G LTE mini-tower. The T-Mobile 4G LTE CellSpot is a residential femtocell that supports 3G, 4G LTE, and VoLTE service. It is based on our 9961 Multi-Standard Home Cell (MSHC), which we developed in collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies.

The 9961 MSHC lets T-Mobile deliver an excellent cellular experience to homes and small office/home office – or SOHO – locations that previously used Wi-Fi to fill gaps in macro coverage. Based on Qualcomm Technologies’ 28nm FSM9900 system on a chip, our 9961 MSHC gives T-Mobile’s subscribers seamless mobility to the macro network as they move outside the home. The device is a security-hardened, plug-and-play unit supported by a rapid provisioning management system that makes setup quick and easy.


Their 4G LTE CellSpot is helping T-Mobile gain greater relevance with residential and SOHO subscribers. By basing it on our 9961 MSHC, T-Mobile can enhance the wireless experience and boost customer lifetime value by providing:

  • Better coverage: Subscribers get a stronger signal for voice, data, and text. Our 9961 MSHC eliminates W-CDMA and LTE not-spots from homes.
  • More capacity: Subscribers who use CellSpot don’t have to compete for capacity with others connected to a macrocell. They can enjoy full capacity themselves or share it with family and friends. In addition, each CellSpot frees up capacity for subscribers who have to rely on the macro alone.
  • Higher speeds: Our 9961 MSHC brings the cellular access point closer to subscribers. It uses higher modulation rates to support faster downloads and uploads.
  • New features: A strong 4G LTE signal lets subscribers enjoy innovations such as Wi-Fi Boost, which increases DL/UL rates, range, and reliability by blending Wi-Fi and cellular technology.