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Broadband Anyhaul

With next-gen PON, your 5G Anyhaul network is already in place

Your fixed access network is key to efficient and cost-effective mobile transport. The Nokia ISAM access portfolio eliminates the need to create parallel and dedicated networks for backhaul, while simultaneously expanding the fiber footprint to support growing residential and business ultra-broadband demands.

The solution scales well, excels in availability, troubleshooting and monitoring tools, and offers advanced Service Level Agreements. The ISAM portfolio provides a flexible mix of advanced access technologies such as, GPON and point-to-point fiber. 

And as mobile networks move into the 5G era, a quick and cost-effective upgrade to next-generation PON technology will enable you to support the significant increases in devices and bandwidth that 5G will bring.

Nokia’s universal NG-PON solution provides the capacity (10 Gb/s and higher) and quality of service in a far more reliable and economical way than current mobile backhaul alternatives. And the flexibility of universal NG-PON makes it possible to scale the network and extend beyond backhaul with 5G-ready transport options for fronthaul. 

Fiber for the 5G era - watch the video

Fixed network operators have a strategic platform in place to provide mobile transport alongside residential and business ultra-broadband services.

Faster return on investment

  • Increased return on investment on existing broadband networks.
  • Mobile transport revenues improve business case for fiber deployments.
  • Reduced time to market and faster ROI from reuse of existing copper.
  • Connecting massive amounts of 5G cells at the lowest TCO: minimum 50% lower CAPEX.


  • GPON supports 2.5 Gb/s downstream and 1.25 Gb/s upstream.
  • Bitrates to 1Gb/s on a single twisted pair via
  • Universal NG-PON can be introduced gradually and easily scales from 10 Gb/s to 40 Gb/s and higher.

Operational simplicity

  • Mobile transport, business and residential broadband services on a single network.

Quality of service

  • Best-in-class multi-service transport capabilities of fixed access networks already meet QoS needs for video, voice and data.
  • Ultra-high bandwidth (10 Gb/s and higher) and ultra-low latency with industry-first synchronization of both frequency and phase.

Flexibility for increased coverage

  • Broadband access networks located close to areas of mobile growth.
  • Converged copper and fiber access supporting all access needs as they arise.
  • Reduced footprint and installation effort at indoor or outdoor locations.

Nokia OLT – 7360 ISAM FX

Nokia 7360 ISAM FX shelves are high-capacity access shelves in the Nokia Intelligent Services Access Manager (ISAM) family of IP access products. The shelves address the need for mass deployment of the next generation of broadband access services to residential users, business users and cell sites. All 7360 ISAM shelves are ready to support any future fiber-based access application, with full flexibility for mixing different access technologies on the same platform: Ethernet PON (EPON and 10G EPON), Gigabit PON (GPON), point-to-point and next generation PON (XGS-PON and TWDM-PON).


  • Superior scalability to support potentially tens of thousands of cell sites at higher capacities
  • Flexibility to deliver any mobile service over any access technology
  • Simplified deployment and operations to minimize total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Industry-leading availability and fault management

Cell Site Gateway - Optical Network Termination

A cell site gateway terminates the PON network and aggregates multiple base stations via Ethernet interfaces. Our Nokia 7368 ONT product family has a wide range of cell site gateways for premium services such as mobile transport. Enterprise-grade Nokia 7368 ONTs support network synchronization for best-in-class clock accuracy and provide multiple interface ports for connecting subscribers and cell sites with Gigabit or 10 Gigabit Ethernet. Other ONTs (e.g. stand-alone data-only ONTs) are also available for specific backhaul scenarios.


  • Highly competitive service offering to connect indoor and outdoor cells
  • Synchronization support for both SyncE and 1588v2 protocols
  • Low power consumption, compliant with European Code of Conduct targets


Form factor may be a strict requirement for accessing assets such as lamps, poles and shop walls, and in some cases the ONT may even need to be part of a one-box solution. The Nokia SFP (small form-factor pluggable) ONT was specifically designed to be easy to deploy in virtually any environment. 


  • GPON anywhere: backhaul any Ethernet device with GPON
  • Easy to install: transform P2P fiber uplinks into GPON uplinks
  • Same device for indoor or outdoor deployment

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As mobile networks move into the 5G era, the nature of mobile transport will change significantly. Your fiber fixed access network upgraded with NG-PON technology is key to supporting the significant increases in devices and bandwidth that 5G will bring.