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Telecom analytics – a smart way to ensure customer loyalty and benefit from new types of revenue

Operators have invested in big data platforms, and continue to develop telecom analytics use cases by utilizing their masses of subscriber and network data. According to a study from Heavy Reading operators are looking to fully implement big data and analytics by 2017.

42% of the operators expect analytics initiatives to have significant impact on revenues and business models by the end of 2015, and another 30% during 2016-2017. Source: Heavy Reading, Dec 2014*

At the same time operators’ revenues from core services of voice, and even data, is falling around the globe. Operators can utilize their big data platforms, analytic skills and capabilities to monetize their unique subscriber data for other industries, without jeopardizing the trust of their customers.

Big data and analytics is a key strategic area for Nokia. Our big data and telecom analytics portfolio covers CEM analytics, real-time network analytics, marketing analytics, data monetization and predictive services.

Telco analytics – making big data work for you by Santeri Jussila, Head of Product Line Management, Analytics

Telecom analytics focuses on customers, networks, data monetization and predictive services

CEM analytics solutions increase customer satisfaction to gain and maintain a loyal subscriber base. The key solution is CEM on Demand.

Real-time network analytics solutions enable deep subscriber and network insight and real-time network action and optimization. The key solutions are TrafficaWireless Network Guardian and Network Performance Optimizer.

Marketing analytics solutions provide real-time predictive analytics for subscriber behavior analysis and deliver personalized actions for subscriber engagement. The key solution is Predictive Marketing.

Data monetization represents a significant new opportunity to compensate for flattening and lost revenues. The key solutions are Ad Analytics, Big Data Consultancy and Crowd Analytics

Predictive Services Suite includes Preventive Complaint Analysis and Predictive Care solutions, which are services based on a machine learning concept to detect network elements’ behavior anomalies for predicting and resolving issues before they impact customers.

* Heavy Reading, “2020 Vision: The Heavy Reading perspective”, Arindam Banerjee, Principal Analyst, December 2014

Explore our Telecom analytics products and services

Award winning big data analytics solutions for customer experience management, real-time network analysis and reporting, monetization of existing or new streams and prediction of customer impacting issues.

CEM on Demand enables understanding and improvement of customer experience across different touch points

Trafficaprovides monitoring and troubleshooting with insights into traffic, network, locations, devices and subscribers Wireless Network Guardianoffers end-to-end network analytics and reporting with experience metrics for network, devices, applications and subscribers

Network Performance Optimizeraccelerates troubleshooting with a superior combination of network performance and call-specific insights

Ad Analyticscreates anonymized information for advertisers to accurately target consumers with relevant offers at the right time and place Big Data Consultancyhelps you maximize the value of your big data platforms and deliver measurable outcomes by benefitting from accumulated expertise from large big data and Customer Experience Management projects

Crowd Analyticstranslates movement patterns of people through time into insights for businesses

Preventive Complaint Analysispredict and prevent customer complaints

Predictive Carespot anomalies in patterns and predict where issues will arise so that a preventative action can be taken

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Nokia’s award winning analytics and Customer Experience Management solutions have showcased our deep understanding in how to best analyze and benefit from subscriber data.