TWDM: The Next Step for GPON

TWDM-PON is the right next step for fiber access networks. This new technology offers the chance to evolve beyond GPON and achieve greater speed, service diversity and cost efficiency. Alcatel-Lucent helps you get to TWDM-PON faster. With our solutions and expertise, you can use TWDM-PON to increase revenue, simplify operations and accelerate the deployment of ultra-broadband services.

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From bandwidth booster to value generator: Fiber's changing role

Fiber network evolution isn't all about boosting bandwidth. To succeed in the long term, you need technologies that can help you generate more revenue, get more value from the network, and decrease your costs and risk.

TWDM-PON addresses these needs by delivering more speed, services and savings. And it's flexible.

  • Offer a range of bit rates to your users (2.5-10 Gbps)
  • Support symmetrical or asymmetrical bandwidth
  • Assign different bandwidths to different wavelengths

With our effective TWDM-PON solutions, you can open up new paths to efficiency, value and growth, either on your own or in partnership with others.

Key drivers for fiber network evolution

Generate more revenue

  • Deliver more speeds and services
  • Support more users

Get more value from the network

  • Deploy on the same fiber
  • Use the same passive and active plant

Decrease cost and risk

  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Share infrastructure and resources

Get the right technology

Cost-benefit analysis: Fiber evolution solutions

Step beyond GPON by deploying the most efficient fiber evolution technology. With TWDM-PON, you can increase bandwidth, streamline operations and facilitate co-investment by converging your residential, business and mobile backhaul services on one network.

Leading analyst firm Ovum has identified TWDM-PON as the best next-generation fiber architecture. In an October 2014 white paper, Ovum hails TWDM-PON as a flexible solution that supports fast fiber network monetization. Get Ovum's take on TWDM-PON.

Make fiber evolution affordable

Our fiber access portfolio and innovations enable you to deploy TWDM-PON quickly and cost-effectively. So you can enjoy the benefits right away.

Our TWDM solution is available on our high-capacity ISAM FX platform. Widely used in fiber-to-the-home deployments, ISAM FX helps you reuse existing fiber assets and get more value from your network.

ISAM FX also lets you evolve at your own pace: You can deploy GPON, EPON, 10G-EPON and P2P from ISAM FX today, and then move to TWDM-PON when the time is right.

With our help, you can use your current fiber, passive and active equipment to deploy the technologies you need for today and tomorrow.

And, to help you keep costs in check, we support modular, pay-as-you-go implementations that let you add wavelengths as you need them.

Why adopt TWDM-PON?

Comprehensive service convergence

Stop paying to run a separate network for each service.

With TWDM-PON, you can converge business and mobile backhaul services using your residential network. You can also assign each service to a separate wavelength and let it evolve at its own pace.

A flexible TWDM-PON deployment lets you:

  • Add bandwidth or support more residential users by adding wavelengths
  • Support growing mobile traffic using your residential backhaul network
  • Increase your revenue potential by supporting advanced business services
  • Boost bandwidth on copper loops by backhauling large numbers of micro-nodes

Simpler co-investment and unbundling

Accelerate deployment by sharing the risk and cost of rolling out and operating a fiber network. TWDM-PON allows each operator to have its own wavelength, making it an excellent solution for joint ventures, government-owned networks, and unbundling scenarios.

Wavelength mobility

Improve your efficiency by managing wavelength assignments from the central office. TWDM-PON enables you to move end users to different wavelengths. This lets you rebalance bandwidth on a wavelength, prevent outages during upgrades, or reduce energy costs during off-peak hours by moving all users to one wavelength and turning off the rest.

Choose a proven partner

Figure shows Alcatel-Lucent's key innovations, achievements and awards in fiber networking

Make a successful move to TWDM-PON by working with a proven fiber technology leader and deployment partner.

Our award-winning FTTH, GPON, and ONT solutions are the trusted choice of more than 200 operators. They power some of the biggest and most advanced fiber networks in the world.

We have developed industry-first solutions for GPON, 10G GPON+LTE, embedded OTDR and, supported by innovations and expertise from our Bell Labs researchers.

We are committed to leading the industry into the NG-PON2 era. And to helping you use TWDM-PON to get more value from your fiber network.

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