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Drones for smart cities, connected industries, transportation and public sector

The use of unmanned aerial vehicles (also known as UAVs or drones) is increasing rapidly among both professionals and amateurs. In response, authorities are developing legislation to regulate the use of drones, encourage pilots to operate them responsibly, and spur manufacturers to adhere to certain quality standards.

Drones can be equipped or enhanced in many ways – such as with the addition of cameras or sensors – to provide views from above and collect data that can be analysed for meaningful information.

These aerial insights are accessible to a wide range of user groups as drones are cost efficient to operate. For example, search missions with thermal camera equipped drones are less costly compared to using helicopters.

With the addition of a remote-control center on the ground, drones are typically part of what is known as an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS), which should also include a reliable communication system.

Faster search & rescue with Nokia drone networks
Keeping people & property safe with Nokia drone networks

Nokia Saving Lives - an award winning, non-profit initiative

During the UAE Drones for Good Award event in Dubai in February 2017, the Nokia Saving Lives project demonstrated how groups of drones flying in formation can efficiently search for people in a disaster area. Nokia Saving Lives is based on Nokia drone networks technology, combining LTE technology with UAV applications and enhancements such as real-time, high-definition video and infrared cameras that help emergency-response personnel to find and rescue people.

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Nokia drone networks – a complete aerial insights solution for business needs and mission critical situations.