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7950 XRS-XC: Paving the path to petabit routing

Build an IP core that supports sustainable growth

The Nokia 7950 XRS-XC lets you break scalability and extensibility conventions and take core router capacity into the petabit realm. This innovative routing platform delivers up to 0.576 Pb/s switching capacity in a system that scales elegantly from one to six chassis. It can help you meet the demands of IP backbones, internet exchange points, and webscale infrastructures well into the future.

The XRS-XC can help you handle relentless traffic and achieve sustainable growth in a competitive and constantly changing market. It allows you to build a scalable, efficient and adaptive IP core network with enough headroom to meet the evolving requirements associated with 5G ultra-broadband access, cloud dynamics and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Scale out routers elegantly, without restrictions

Conventional approaches to extending core routers beyond a single chassis are limited by design restrictions in core routing fabrics and multi-stage switching architectures. They result in expensive forklift upgrades and unwieldy, multi-tier core networks that bring rapidly diminishing returns on hardware investments.

The XRS-XC gives you an elegant and cost-linear upgrade path for scaling out existing 7950 XRS systems using optical backplane connectors without sacrificing system capacity or necessitating additional switching shelves. This unique chassis extension concept leaves all interface slots available for revenue generating traffic, and does not rely on a central switching shelf that could fail. It allows you to get maximum value from your existing hardware investments and avoid the cost and complexity of conventional multi-chassis configurations.

Use our breakthrough FP4 silicon innovations, software and systems to modernize your IP network and seize new opportunities presented by the cloud, 5G and the IoT.

Be ready for the unexpected with the Nokia FP4 IP routing silicon, the only network processor that delivers functionality and capacity without compromise.

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