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4G LTE for airports and air-to-ground

The Nokia 4G LTE for Airports and Air-to-Ground solution consolidates and unifies airport radio systems. Our LTE air-to-ground solution is an aviation-specific LTE variant that supports real-time and ultra-broadband communications in flight. The aviation industry has long relied on satellite-based systems to support onboard communication services. These systems are vital for trans-oceanic flights where air-to-ground communication is not possible.

The advent of LTE air-to-ground service presents a new alternative. LTE air-to-ground services are more affordable than satellite-based systems. They support new onboard applications that benefit passengers and airline companies. And they allow airport operation managers and air-traffic authorities to use an ultra-broadband network for all operational communications inside the airport and on taxiways.

Nokia 4G LTE for airports lets you build a unified ultra-broadband radio network able to support all mission-critical services, such as PMR, video security in the luggage area, and operational communications with emergency vehicles and multimedia communications between ground staff and control towers. When used on taxiway an LTE ground-to-plane solution reduces the transit time by allowing to start downloading data while aircraft is landing. Additionally, an LTE small cell solution deployed inside the airport terminals helps you improving the passenger connectivity in a crowded environment.


Unified ultra-broadband wireless network for all airport- and taxiway-based operational communications

  • Streamline operations by allowing airport operation managers and air-traffic authorities to use a single communications network for all applications
  • Gather and use real time passenger information
  • Improve the wireless experience in a very crowded environment by deploying an LTE small cell network inside the airport

LTE air-to-ground network that maintains real-time ultra-broadband connections with planes

  • Allow airline companies to reduce transit times by downloading data from aircraft in the air or on the taxiway
  • Reduce the time that aircraft spend on the ground by allowing crew to upload maps, flight routes, movies, and TV news at any time
  • Improve the passenger experience by offering in-flight multimedia, Internet, and infotainment services
  • Build a competitive advantage for airlines by enabling them to deliver better service to passengers

Commercial off-the-shelf solution

  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Support future evolution with technology that makes it easy to integrate new applications