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1830 Versatile WDM Module Portfolio

The 1830 VWM cost-effectively scales network capacity by enabling extension of CWDM or DWDM to non-WDM-capable network elements

With the growing demand to connect more devices and enable new applications, you need to cost-effectively scale network capacity. The Nokia 1830 Versatile WDM Module (VWM) portfolio supports next-generation WDM multiservice transport. 

Provide passive or active extension of CWDM or DWDM to non-WDM-capable network elements. The Nokia 1830 VWM supports a wide range of applications and services, including mobile fronthaul.

Centralized RAN with mobile fronthaul using the 1830 VWM portfolio

How can the Nokia 1830 VWM help you meet growing bandwidth demand?

  • Reduce operational costs
    Quickly meet growing bandwidth demand while reducing OPEX. The 1830 VWM provides the energy saving characteristics of passive optical in a small footprint. And it enables simplified operations and pro-active monitoring.
  • Maximize revenue opportunities
    The 1830 VWM supports a wide range of applications and services such as Carrier Ethernet, mobile backhaul and fronthaul. It enables you to support next-generation WDM multiservice transport in metro access, metro core, data center and enterprise networks.
  • Reduce CAPEX
    The 1830 VWM product portfolio allows you to optimize your existing fiber installations, resulting in a decrease in CAPEX of up to 32% versus dark fiber.

Explore our 1830 Versatile WDM Module portfolio

Our 1830 VWM portfolio consists of several modules that let you transparently transport latency- and jitter-sensitive traffic including CPRI, OBSAI, Fibre Channel and Ethernet.

1830 Versatile WDM Module – CWDM
Increases fiber capacity providing up to 16 channels (CWDM) in a compact chassis

1830 Versatile WDM Module – DWDM
Enables high fiber utilization by supporting up to 44 channels (DWDM) in a compact chassis 

1830 VWM Photonic Managed Unit (PMU)
Provides passive optical multiplexing/de-multiplexing for up to 18 channels (CWDM), as well as active management of the optical network 

1830 VWM Optical Supervisory Unit (OSU)
Provides full network visibility and management of the end-to-end fronthaul network with centralized management

1830 VWM Translation Line Unit (TLU)
Provides wavelength translation capabilities enabling vendor agnostic deployments 

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