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Digital operations

Unlocking agility with automation

On the quest to become a provider of truly digital services, providers are mindful of how to protect and grow their business while operating with utmost efficiency and delighting their customers. It’s a balancing act filled with both challenges and opportunity.

In these digital times - with customer interaction happening in digital-time, operational efficiency is the lifeblood of a successful business. Traditional OSS and BSS operational silos are becoming out-of-touch as highly automated, closed-loop, agile and contextually relevant services sweep through the industry.

But how do you simultaneously protect and grow in this business? It takes seamless management of evolving services across a hybrid IT and network environment, with rapid and accurate exposure of those services into the commercial process.

Delighting customers is a holistic requirement that comprises engagement, operationalization and excitement. Intelligence-led operations are, in turn, dependent upon the data, performance, and service quality insights captured from the network, which feed the contextuality of customer experience. This highlights that a service and customer-focus operations center is essential.

Providers of digital services should focus on three priorities – to simplify, automate and optimize service delivery.

1. Simplify

Multi-vendor, multi-domain, multi-technology operations can consolidate complex delivery and simplify the design and assurance of services tailored to customer needs. A simplified operational approach accelerates time to market and improves service performance for new revenue-generating services.

2. Automate

Automation solves delivery and disruption of operational challenges. Correlating real-time customer, device, data and network insights gives a dynamic view of service delivery that human intelligence alone cannot visualize. Introducing closed-loop automation enables detection, diagnosis and recovery from service disruptions without human intervention.

3. Optimize

Rich insights on customers, services and networks can be used to drive contextual service design. And with DevOps in the cloud, it’s quick and cost-effective to design, develop, deploy and then optimize new models and revenue streams. This approach mitigates the risk of innovation and helps you get the most out of traditional networks, virtualized platforms and hybrid services.

Digital operations in more detail

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