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Digital networks

Elastic, programmable and secure

High-performance networking is an urgent priority for communication service providers (CSPs). Today’s customers are empowered, demanding and expect much more from digital services – which is why networks must be able to deliver the right services at the right time.

Customer experience, based on robust use cases, should be the single design point for network architecture. Intelligent software can optimize and automate network performance – delivering an elastic, programmable and secure way to cope with billions of customers, data and IoT devices.

Industrial elasticity

Demands on networks are unprecedented. That’s why elasticity is key for deploying, managing and evolving network functions as you move from physical and virtual network functions (PNF to VNF) across the private, hybrid or public clouds. Elasticity is fundamental to customer experience.

Intelligent programmability

Automation supercharges network programmability. It eliminates bottlenecks and errors, while accelerating the ability to manage and optimize network functions. Self-optimizing, self-healing networks better serve customers in digital time by auto-scaling their performance.

Proactive security

Automating security and using analytics at the network level strengthens the prevention, detection, mitigation, and control of risks and threats. As a result, you can proactively protect against evolving cyberattacks (eg DDoS, WannaCry or Petya) and the increasing set of unknown, untrusted devices.

Inside digital networks

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Nokia has a unique ambition to create a standalone software business. We already support over 300 service providers and 1 billion end users globally. We are transforming customer experience with deep telco insights and expertise, award-winning solutions, professional services, and our 24/7 software support services and hosting.

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