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Software for Connected Intelligence

Deliver experience beyond customer expectation

Our software connects your intelligence

To monetize and enrich every customer experience, you need to act in ‘digital time’. The only way you’ll capture opportunities is with software that puts you one step ahead of today’s digital customers. This brings together customer, data, device and network: this is connected intelligence.

Welcome to the new world of connected intelligence...

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... where timing is everything

Gain control of intelligence and connect customer experience with the right offer at the right time.

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... where we design experience

Essential digital capabilities in your ‘digital fabric’ start with the customer as the single design point.

Connect the dots

... where the future is DevOps

Simplify the development of sophisticated software – go beyond the limits of your legacy IT and human intelligence.

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... where we serve unspoken needs

Anticipate your customer’s next move so you can act in digital time, every time.

Monetize the moments that matter to customers, and enrich and learn from every experience.

How to monetize experience

Unlock agility with closed-loop automation, end-to-end orchestration, seamless service delivery and assurance.

How to rethink ops

Realize self-learning, self-optimizing networks that aggregate and analyze data instantly.

Transform your business

Five pillars of your digital fabric

Only data-centric businesses can become truly customer-centric.
To achieve this, your technology investments should deliver five essential capabilities that together create a digital fabric.

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A combination of analytics, augmented intelligence and world-class R&D through Bell Labs.

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Acting in digital time means pushing automation to extremes.

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Because great experiences are always built on trust.

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Cloud native

Only full virtualization in the cloud delivers the flexibility and agility that the future demands.

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Interoperability demands software that’s open, customizable, lightweight and easy to integrate.