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XaaS - Everything as a service

Everything as a service portfolio

Companies need to provide connectivity to their customers fast. As well as traditional operators, enterprises such as coffee shops, airports and hotels are now providing connectivity through e.g. Wi-Fi, and fast installation and management expertise is required.

To remain successful in the connected world, operators and enterprises need to react quickly to changes in network conditions. Providing 'as a service' business models brings flexibility which helps operators deal with the complexities of the ultra-connected world.

To help operators and enterprises meet these challenges, Nokia offers a growing range of 'as a service' software and platform solutions for the monitoring and management of networks:

Wi-Fi Controller as a service

The Nokia Wi-Fi controller will remotely configure, monitor and manage up to 8,000 outdoor and indoor access points, aimed at the enterprise market, support can be scaled as demand grows. Read more..

Smart Data as a service

Nokia will provide online customer centric dashboards where Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) can see the performance of devices, applications and services in the network. In addition it shows the overall customer experience on a geo-map and the satisfaction of roamers for example. Read more..

Access Management System as a service

Nokia will provide a complete element management system for the Nokia Intelligent Services Access Manager (ISAM) family of DSL and fiber-based fixed broadband access products. Service providers gain a significant cost reduction and remote expertise on their fingertips. See more about Access Management System. Read more..

Optimization as a service

Optimization as a service allows operators to access and use proprietary software applications such as its 3-D Geolocation tools. Customers also get access to the data collection and predictive analytics capabilities, as well as to high levels of task automation. This is thanks to the cognitive services platform Nokia AVA and its 24/7 optimization, which can boost network performance for our customers.

IP Network verification as a service

Nokia Cloud-based Network Verification (CNV) offers network verification services in a business process as a service (BPaaS) model. CNV enables a near-instantaneous verification of any IP network, consumable anytime, anywhere, with clear identification of critical issues and proposals for rapid resolution. Read more..

  • Flexible and predictable costs
  • Increased quality due to high degree of standardization
  • Convert CAPEX to OPEX by avoiding outright purchase of software
  • Easy launch of new products without long integration programs
  • Expertise at your fingertips
  • Get on the path to the cloudification of the telco industry
  • 40 percent cost saving from faster installation, less integration and multi-tenancy

Nokia AVA (Automation, Virtualization, Analytics) is used by Nokia to deploy advanced services to operators and other players through secure, virtualized delivery for flexible and fast commissioning of services.