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Nokia Worldwide IoT Network Grid (WING) as a Service

Global IoT without compromise

The Nokia Worldwide IoT Network Grid (WING) is a managed service that helps Communication Service Providers (CSPs) go-to-market quickly. It has been created with CSPs and enterprise customers in mind, as a service that can help them enter the world of IoT or further grow their existing IoT offerings.

WING can be provided as a white label managed-service model, enabling operators to offer the service to their enterprise customers under their own brand. The pay-as-you-grow business model gives CSPs the flexibility to quickly scale up IoT services as required.

Nokia isn’t simply delivering a one-stop model that includes a worldwide IoT infrastructure as a service but also provides ready-to-deploy vertical IoT solutions to accelerate operator revenue. These off-the-shelf, as-a-Service IoT applications eliminate business and technology complexity to rapidly address the agriculture, livestock management, logistics and asset management markets with minimal investment and less risk.

  • Smart Agriculture as-a-Service: Affordable subscription-based access to regional climate and pest data for farmers to mitigate risks
  • Livestock Management as-a-Service: Intelligent livestock location and monitoring for healthier herds and healthier profits
  • Logistics as-a-Service: Delivers globally integrated supply chains with real-time knowledge of location, temperature, etc.
  • Asset Management as-a-Service: Simplifying connectivity and management of connected goods, both industrial and consumer

In summary:

  • Nokia WING provides a managed service for IoT and includes provisioning, device management, operations, security, customer care and billing for all connected applications.
  • Available as a white label service; this allows those CSPs without an offering with a ready-to-go IoT proposition for their enterprise customers, under their own brand.
  • Nokia WING enables CSPs to enter the IoT market quickly or can help those that want to complement their existing offering with a global core as a service (aaS), taking advantage of improved customer experience due to lower latency.
  • Enterprise customers interested in becoming a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) themselves can be supported by Nokia WING. In this case, we work in close cooperation with CSPs on cellular connectivity.

Key enablement areas with WING:

  • One-stop IoT enablement service to operators to serve their enterprise clients at a global scale.
  • Pre-integrated IoT infrastructure, enabling fast time to market and reduced total cost of operation (TCO). This includes globally distributed, cloud native IoT core network and a single, real-time, multi technology Connectivity Management Platform (CMP).
  • The globally distributed Core aaS enables regulatory compliance and offers high quality of service (low latency) for CSPs that wish to complement their IoT offering with a global grid.  It can complement existing CSP infrastructure, as IoT will add trillions of devices in the future. Thus, multi-tenant XaaS models provide lower TCO but a great experience.
  • We can build on the experience we have with our NG connect IoT community.
  • We offer flexible, pay-as-you-grow pricing models.
  • Sales enablement: we can help CSPs enter the IoT market by providing use case driven sales enablement plans to target specific vertical markets. These plans depend on their location and how mature they are, e.g. connected cars. In some countries there are huge opportunities in less mature IoT markets such as agriculture, so this can be a differentiator for CSPs.

Nokia WING market entry services

Fast revenue from IoT for operators

The Internet of Things (IoT) market is worth €2 trillion. That’s an enticing proposition for operators but they need to scale up quickly if they are to win a share of this market. Many are looking for help to gain rapid entry into this market. WING market entry conducts a full analysis of how operators can address the needs of their enterprise customers. It allows operators without an IoT footprint to gain fast entry to the IoT market, or to help operators expand an existing IoT business. The service provides:

  • A shortlist of suitable markets, both geographical and by industry sector
  • An operator value proposition for selected industry including application, security and more
  • Business planning including pricing plan
  • A go-to-market plan including setting up operations and training for sales staff

The solution focuses first on the business aspects of use cases instead of the technology involved.


  • Helps operators gain fast entry or rapid expansion in IoT markets
  • Provides a shortlist of markets, a value proposition for selected industries, and a comprehensive go-to-market plan
  • Enables operators to capture opportunities in nine vertical markets (connected car, healthcare, logistics and transport, smart cities, utilities, connected agriculture, connected retail, smart home and building, connected industry) through 30 use cases
  • Operators and enterprises cut the risk of deploying IoT infrastructure