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Learning Support Services

Learning Support Services provide a variety of methods and tools to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the skills transfer.

learning consulting

Support the identification of areas where competence development adds value to operations and business needs.

learning content development

Learning content build from existing training modules as well as customized deliverables to fit into your unique needs.

remote lab

Reinforce your practical skills through hands-on exercises on virtual labs furnished with the latest technology and equipment.

curriculum planning

Comprise of the assessment of existing skills-sets to deliver a training curriculum targeted at job roles and levels of competences to be achieved.

assessment and verification

Confirm the learning outcomes through assessment and verification, including pre- and post-tests, task-based assessments and skill level certification programs.


Provide the right blend of delivery methods, including self-paced eLearning programs, recorded presentations, eSeminars, forums and virtual classroom.