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Integrated Operations Center

Orchestrating the 'smarts' in smart cities for efficiency,speed and new monetization opportunities

The Internet of Things plays a key role in the evolution of the Smart City - a digital landscape of connected sensors and devices creates millions of control endpoints generating real-time data during operations and facilitating automated actions. However, as the city scales exponentially, management of smart city assets and orchestrating actions across them presents a key challenge

Nokia's Integrated Operations Center (IOC) lies at the heart of Smart City operations offering a unified real-time view into all Smart city assets and services, bringing efficiency and revenue opportunities with analytics integration, while facilitating rapid response based on automated workflows across multiple applications.

The IOC can also be integrated within Nokia's Advanced Command Center solution for Public Safety in cases of convergence of public safety and smart cities domains. This helps public safety agencies take advantage of smart city infrastructure for improved decision making in emergency situations.

The IOC also eliminates cumbersome multivendor point to point integrations. Using the inbuilt Nokia Integration platform's adaptor library drastically reduces the time to launch new smart city services while making optimal use of legacy city assets. The IOC is highly customizable and Nokia technical consulting experts adapt the solution to individual smart city needs by tailoring infrastructure, automated workflows and user-specific custom dashboards. It can also be flexibly deployed on either on-premises data centers or in the Cloud.

Nokia IOC

  • Rapid onboarding of multivendor legacy and new applications, platforms, analytics engines and systems
  • Provides consolidated view across an entire city, with data feeds and alerts from various smart city devices, systems and applications
  • Creates monetization opportunities through integrated analytics on aggregated IoT data
  • Enhanced cooperation between different agencies working within the smart city environment
  • Flexible deployment options on-premise or on the Cloud

The Integrated Operations Center comprises four parts :

  • Technical consulting and systems integration services - help smart cities to identify which applications and systems are required to fulfil their safety, sustainability, efficiency and monetization needs
  • Network Integration Platform for easy integration of legacy and future applications and systems
  • Situation management platform - aids collaboration while greatly enhancing situational awareness and improving decision making
  • Plug and play Blueprint solutions such as Smart Parking, Lighting, Waste Management, Video surveillance among others, from Nokia's IoT for Smart Cities framework