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Service Management

Service Management monitors and optimizes the performance of your services for best customer experience

Nokia Service Management monitors and optimizes the performance of your services to help you always deliver the best customer experience.

We also help plan, design and launch new services quickly and smoothly, so you can offer differentiated services to your customers and develop new revenue streams. We work with you to design new service launches, looking at the service capability requirements and monitoring their performance once they’ve been launched.

LTE Service Management helps you to ensure excellent quality mobile broadband services running over LTE networks including VoLTE.

The solution is also available for OTT applications.


  • Boost revenue through increased service usage and improved service quality
  • Build stronger customer loyalty with differentiated services
  • Gain an integrated view of all services across the Evolved Packet Core (EPC), transmission and radio networks and unearth issues undetected by simple NOC monitoring
  • Improve overall availability, accessibility, retain-ability and mobility of all services on LTE, 3G and 2G:
    • 20 percent fewer customer complaints
    • 11.5 percent higher LTE throughput
    • 5.3 percent improvement in latency
    • 4.5 percent improvement in 2G data service usage
    • 2.5 percent improvement in average 2G data service accessibility


Results from a trial with one of the largest global operators* in a multi-technology, multi -vendor environment showed a string of results including a 20 percent reduction in user complaints. To put this into context, Ovum says simply reducing the number of “not able to access Internet” complaints delivers a potential OPEX reduction of US$500,000 per annum.

* In terms of subscribers