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Nokia Sensing as a Service

Sensing as a Service – existing assets, new revenue streams

Today’s world relies on the timely acquisition, transmission and processing of data. Data is turning into a valuable new source of revenue for operators, as well as an effective way to achieve more efficient management of their own network assets.

The Internet of Things will soon see billions of object and devices sending vast amounts of data that need to be retrieved, interpreted and acted upon. Cities are also growing rapidly, leading to a need to process data to ensure they remain sustainable environments for their citizens.

Nokia Sensing as a Service (aaS) brings new data monetization opportunities to operators, using existing infrastructure to offer real-time processed and analyzed environmental data. It also allows them to manage their networks through remote monitoring of network assets.

Service providers are increasing their focus on generating new sources of revenue, enhancing operational efficiencies and reducing investment complexity. Nokia launches a new service that enables innovative monetization opportunities through digitalization of existing network assets, enabling the creation of automated smart contracts that leverage a blockchain backend.

Nokia Sensing as a Service:

Monetize real-time environmental data Use your existing network assets to create brand new revenue streams

  • Brings new, reliable monetization opportunities with minimal investments
  • “as a Service”  model removes the need for up-front investment 
  • Increased network visibility, improved operational expenditure
  • Sensing aaS is an end-to-end solution – from sensor device to visualizations and analytics

  • Nokia Blockchain technology ensures that data from sensors is both transmitted and charged for
  • The Blockchain technology also allows the embedding of existing third-party sensor and data infrastructure, to offer data for sale
  • Sensing as a Service has already been trialed with commercial operators

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The explosion of data represents a growing opportunity for operators to find new ways to monetize their network investments by providing services to enterprises and municpalities, as well as use it to maintain their own networks. Nokia’s Sensing as a Service allows operators to use existing infrastructure to offer real-time processed and analyzed environmental data. With secure Blockchain technology, operators can be assured that data is gathered and paid for, while the “as a Service” model means they can deploy services without upfront investments. Nokia Sensing aaS is a complete end-to-end solution, from sensor device to visualizations and analytics.