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Optimization as a Service

Enhance network quality with continuous optimization

Nokia Optimization as a Service lets you boost quality and subscriber satisfaction by embracing a highly flexible and agile approach to network performance.

This service uses cloud-based delivery, predictive analytics tools, and extreme task automation to help you:

  • Assure network performance around the clock
  • Replace linear, stop–start optimization with continuous optimization
  • Shorten optimization cycles by rapidly correlating and analyzing massive data sets
  • React to evolving customer pain points on demand

Optimization as a Service offers a unique approach that unites our proven software and service expertise. It lets you use our Nokia AVA cognitive services platform to collect and store data, automate tasks, and rapidly develop new analytics capabilities. These capabilities ensure that your network always provides maximum value to you and your customers.

Assure performance 24/7 with Nokia Optimization as a Service

  • Increase network quality and subscriber satisfaction by supporting 24/7 performance assurance
  • Reduce time and effort spent on optimization
  • Increase agility by supporting reuse and customization of code

Unleash analytics to keep customers satisfied

Our optimization service lets you use predictive analytics to understand and address network issues that impact your customers. Supported use cases include:

  • Using minimization of drive tests (MDT) data to identify coverage degradation within LTE emergency services networks
  • Analyzing the impact of radio frequency interference on the speed of data connections
  • Predicting the effect of network congestion on quality of experience
  • Detecting anomalies among billions of parameter settings in a mobile network

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Nokia Services can help you reduce the cost of maintaining your network and connected applications. Our Optimization as a Service offer brings cloud, analytics, and automation technologies together with our unmatched network optimization experience. This combination of capabilities can enable you to address changing customer pain points by continuously improving network performance.