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Network Modernization

Network Modernization: World class network quality and services built on expertise and best practices 

With the boom in smartphones and data-intensive wireless devices, mobile subscriptions for high data consumption devices are expected to reach 8 billion by 2019. Networks are required to become ‘highways’ of data-traffic and carry it with increasing speed and lower latency content like video. Mobile data traffic is expected to grow 10 fold between 2015 and 2019.

So are you planning a major technology transformation in a live network? Are there many risks in sight? It does not need to be that way. 

Our customers from all around globe were ahead of very complex technology transformations. Within these successful projects customer experiences were maintained and/or improved while the modernization projects were ongoing.

T-Mobile talks about their Un-carrier program, the ability to stay bold and shake up the industry by challenging the status-quo and how their partnership with Nokia has contributed to their success.

Our modernization projects have delivered clear benefits to our customers:

  • timely delivery
  • high network and service quality
  • no interruptions to customer experience during on-going projects

T-Mobile had LTE coverage nationwide three months early ahead of its schedule  while Mobily achieved 50% improved downlink throughput.

Go to our Customer cases section for a deeper dive into the two stories.

Nokia Network Modernization – Customized solutions to address key challenges

Mobily - on the road to be the number one in delighting customers

Mobily, the second largest operator in Saudi Arabia needed to simplify its network operations and vendor strategy. Its complex, multi-layer, multi technology network included 2G, 3G and TDD-LTE and FDD-LTE –leading to high OPEX.

Nokia Networks, already a trusted partner for the last three years, became the natural choice for Mobily to outsource its network operations, thus the operator renewed the contract for five more years.

Learn more by reading out success story here.

T-Mobile revolutionizes U.S. 4G market aided by Nokia’s super-fast project to roll out LTE

By the end of 2013, Nokia had built 5,700 sites and upgraded and optimized nearly 5,000+ existing T-Mobile sites for LTE. The result is that T-Mobile now offers the fastest nationwide 4G LTE network in the U.S., covering over 265 million people - number which is expected to grow to 300 million by the end of 2015.

Read our success story to find out more

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Nokia is a leading global hardware and software service provider with solid multivendor expertise, a strong partner ecosystem and a global footprint. We use automated software tools and skilled engineers with deep technical product expertise and extensive experience in delivering complex projects as a service.