Managed Operations Analytics

Network Desk for Loyalty Scores captures and analyses customer sentiments 

Network Desk is dedicated to improving customer loyalty scores by improving network performance. They are closely linked to your revenue, churn and operational costs. By monitoring loyalty scores and correlating those with cell level performance data, the service alerts Field Operations to fix network quality problems that are creating dissatisfaction among clusters of customers.

As well as improving network performance, the service can help you avoid excessive network investments, generate additional revenue by highlighting potential new service adoption and upsell / cross sell opportunities with highly satisfied customers.

Low loyalty scores do not always mean poor network quality. The Network Desk also alerts operators to falling customer satisfaction not related to network quality, enabling them to address other issues such as poor customer care or inaccurate marketing.

The Network Desk for Loyalty Scores service complements the ‘Customer Experience Management for Loyalty Scores’ offering from Nokia. It can be evolved to a more comprehensive Customer Experience Management solution where a customer experience index can be used to automatically monitor loyalty scores. For customers who already deployed Nokia CEM, the service can commit to improved network loyalty scores through pre-defined service level agreements. 

  • With an increase in customer satisfaction follows an increase in successful, revenue creating upsell and cross sell opportunities
  • With a better view into the trouble shooting process corrective actions can be taken faster and in a more targeted manner, which both reduces the negative impacts of the problems and saves resources
  • A more reliable and better performing network improves customer satisfaction & loyalty and in turn stronger faith in your offering and services
  • With a more detailed view of customer satisfaction network investments can be optimized

Globally, network and service quality has a 26 percent impact on a consumer’s decision to stay with their current operator. More precisely, consumers rank internet quality as more important than voice quality, network coverage and messaging quality. And network and service quality has a greater impact on retention for transition markets compared to mature markets. Nokia Acquisition & Retention Study 2016

Nokia Network Desk for Loyalty Scores continuously tracks loyalty scores and targets low-scoring network clusters. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are used to reveal network quality problems at the base station level, while mediation Call Data Records (CDRs) are used to detect customer challenges and preferences. The Network Desk raises tickets with operational teams and tracks cases to closure, measuring loyalty scores once again. The process is followed until the scores turn ‘green’.