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Mobility analytics

Mobility Analytics – new customer insights bring fresh business

Mobile operators possess immense amounts of data about how their subscribers move around the city. Added to information about their age, gender and other habits, this is a treasure trove that will help operators access new revenue.
Cities benefit from information about travel patterns so they can plan roads and transport schemes, parks, shopping malls, recreational buildings or offices.

Transport networks want to adapt schedules, plan resources accordingly, and make network investments that will benefit travelers.
Businesses want to know where and how often their customers visit for shopping and leisure activities, allowing them to plan their locations and target promotions at the right people.
Operators can meet all these needs with Nokia Mobility Analytics, turning data into new business opportunities.

  • City authorities will make better use of their time and resources
  • Better planning based on real movements will ensure improved services for citizens
  • Businesses can target offers to customers more accurately, getting a better response
  • Subscribers will enjoy a more personalized experience.
  • Travelers and tourists can get the transport services most suited to their needs

Mobility Analytics is based on Nokia AVA, a cloud-based open platform through which Nokia services experts worldwide share their knowledge and best practices.

Three use cases are currently available:

  • City Planning
  • Transportation
  • Travel industry

With a wealth of data on mobile users’ movements and habits, operators are in an excellent position to earn new revenue by helping cities and businesses understand their citizens’ and customers’ needs.

Nokia is introducing Mobility Analytics use cases to help operators create value from the data available in their networks.

With use cases in transportation, travel and city planning, enterprises and cities will be able to plan more accurately, make better use of resources and target their efforts more closely at the actual needs of their users.