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IP Video Systems Integration Services

Nokia IP networking solutions help you build bigger, smarter, safer and more automated webscale networking infrastructure.

Our services simplify video integration for the entire video ecosystem, from greenfield launch to platform evolution and upgrade. They include:

  • Detailed analysis
  • Informed design
  • Robust build
  • Diligent functional and non-functional testing

And all our services are backed by rigorous planning and monitoring and effective ongoing communication.

With Nokia as your partner, you can manage the increasing complexity of video integration in short time frames.

Our integration teams have a strong global track record with complex, multi-vendor projects. They have worked with leading third-party suppliers. And they have the experience and expertise needed to combine components from multiple manufacturers and ensure that they operate effectively as a single platform.


Reduce complexity

  • IP video integration for the entire video ecosystem simplifies your life
  • Rigorous methodology, documentation, and collaboration keep stakeholders aligned and minimize ambiguity
  • Effective governance and project management keep all stakeholders informed and engaged
  • Scalable resources across the globe bring you our experience building and integrating video backends, headends, networks, and clients where you need it

Ensure that platforms scale securely

  • End-to-end workflows are optimized to run efficiently at scale
  • Integrated security processes address every aspect of the platform
  • Caching is used where needed to make the platform as efficient as possible
  • The platform is structured to address non-functional use cases, such as speed, performance, andresponsiveness, security, and operability, as well as resilience, redundancy, and scalability against peak load

De-risk project delivery

  • Rigorously tested integration points and use cases
  • “Unhappy path” scenarios anticipated to address instances where customers don’t use the product as expected
  • Preventive tracking of possible breaks in the ecosystem
  • Rapid identification of the data needed by customer service representatives to ensure speedy fault resolution and maximum customer satisfaction