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Special Events Service

Special Events Service - Maintain peak network performance during the busiest events

Nokia Special Events Service provides all the support an operator needs to set up and run its network to deliver the best customer experience during high profile events, when traffic demand is at its most extreme and the world is watching.

Major events like sports tournaments, political conventions, festivals and music concerts draw huge crowds, with people uploading videos and images. Normal traffic demand is often flipped, with uplink traffic exceeding downlink traffic by up to three to one.

Nokia Special Events Service supports operators before, during and after the event to help ensure the network maintains 100 percent availability, delivering the highest possible data rates for a smooth and uninterrupted customer experience. 

Expert support is delivered in four stages:

  1. Consulting – Nokia’s experience of events worldwide helps to identify the challenges of the event and the potential network solutions
  2. Pre-event – planning network capacity through detailed profiling of subscriber demand, devices, LTE coverage, interference patterns and applications
  3. During the event – throughout the event, Nokia experts monitor network performance and can quickly make adjustments using pre-planned configuration settings to ensure peak performance
  4. Post-event – ramp down of capacity, decommissioning of temporary equipment and reporting 

Service modules support every event stage

From consulting to 3D geolocation, our Special Events Service is tailored to meet operator and event needs by applying a range of service modules

  • A Nokia technical single point of contact (SPOC) liaises with the operator for the event
  • A Project Manager leads the network deployment or expansion and coordinates all team engagements
  • Venue Survey and Testing: In-Building/DAS assessment to identify weak coverage areas and determine capacity enhancements
  • Traffic Modeling/Capacity Assessment: Assess the traffic demands of recent, similar events to help identify projected demand and types of services being used and to validate network capacity
  • New Carrier/RF Optimization: Optimize new carriers added to meet projected demand
  • Pre-event Audit, KPI Analysis and Troubleshooting: Parameter audits on all sites to provide baseline pre-event KPIs and highlight KPI trends
  • Event Performance Monitoring and Troubleshooting: During the event, capture real-time interval reporting of key KPIs and provide troubleshooting support

Special Events Service is proven to:

  • Keep network availability at 100 percent throughout events
  • Resolve service issues in minutes, not hours
  • Increase subscriber loyalty
  • Boost subscriber acquisitions by 12 percent
  • Improve operator brand reputation