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Data Center Services

Data Center Services - Building a strong foundation for the Cloud

Nokia Data Center Services helps you create and maintain custom-made multivendor cloud infrastructure that is agile, cost effective and matched to your business needs.

Our DevOps approach with centralized delivery, automation and tools, addresses the entire multivendor data center lifecycle from modelling, design, and implementation to operations, maintenance and optimization.

Data Center Services

The Nokia Cloud Design Center in the UK is the global hub for multivendor data center modeling and design. You can sign up for workshops at the Design Center where our cloud experts collaboratively translate traffic flows, workloads and required KPI’s into cloud models which can be demonstrated in the Design Center lab.

The Design Center is also linked to our Munich and Paris labs to leverage our global assets and show Prime Integration Services for the cloud.

Our industrialized Delivery Center in Hungary incorporates a comprehensive build and test automation framework. Here the multivendor data center is built, integrated and tested to facilitate one- touch deployment at your premises. We are establishing similar delivery centers in all major global regions to ensure accelerated data center delivery.

  • Matched solution – Choose a vendor-agnostic solution tailored to your needs
  • Fast time to market – Advanced automation and tooling coupled with DevOps for rapid deployment and early launch of services
  • Ease of integration – Easily integrate MANO / OSS and different VNFs on top of the cloud infrastructure
  • Telco grade availability –  High availability supported through a single window for Operations and Maintenance with stringent SLAs

Did you know ?

In September 2016, Nokia launched the Cloud Design Center in Fleet, UK, as a part of our cloud wise services. The facility is the global hub for multivendor data center modelling and design.

Nokia has also launched Prime Integration Services for Cloud for end-to-end cloud transformation projects ensuring future-proof deployment with minimized risks and rapid delivery.

More than 60 percent of operators are looking to outsource data center integration due to the complexity associated with tailor-made infrastructure built for individual operator strategies.*

*Source: Heavy Reading Service Provider Survey, December 2015 (research conducted together with Nokia)

Here are a few cases where we have deployed cloud infrastructure for computing, storage, networking or management platforms to create a scalable flexible infrastructure to rapidly launch services.

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You can now choose from a wide variety of multi-vendor solutions and rely on Nokia expertise to create, manage and maintain tailored secure data center infrastructure for high availability environments.