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Driver Behavior Analytics


Improving road safety using AI powered driver analytics

Transport authorities and governments are mandated with the task of keeping people safe on our roads.  But there are many factors that impact road safety and contribute to the risk of collisions such as vehicle design, road design and road environment.  There are other factors to consider as well such as the skill and behavior of the driver and the speed at which they drive.  On a daily basis and worldwide, motor vehicle collisions lead to death and disability and result in financial costs to not only the individuals involved but also to society as a whole.  

Nokia Driver Behavior Analytics is designed to improve road safety by providing road and driver insights to the automotive and insurance industries as well as city councils and transport authorities.  Advanced insights can be delivered on driver safety, driving style and road hazards and conditions.  

Built on AI powered real time features, Nokia Driver Behavior Analytics delivers these advanced insights through data captured by dedicated sensors fitted to vehicles and smartphones equipped with our proprietary application.   

Who benefits from Nokia Driver Behavior Analytics?

  • Insurance companies can segment the market more effectively to analyze and price risk more accurately; digitizing end to end processes​
  • Large fleet enterprises can understand fleet movement patterns in real time to serve the end customer faster and efficiently in a competitive environment
  • Governments can reduce mortality rates through improved driver safety and making cities smarter and safer to travel in
  • Mobile operators can tap into new growth opportunities in verticals beyond traditional telecom business