New technologies are crucial to improve your network’s quality and efficiency, your flexibility to respond to customer demands, and to enable you to launch compelling and cost-effective services.

The flip side is that new technologies can make your network more complex, overload your operational resources and reveal skills and resources gaps in your teams.

Nokia Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) solution provides you with a flexible, end-to-end solution for network delivery, operations and optimization for an agreed period while your organization’s capabilities are defined and built up.

The solution addresses all project areas including design services, build services, operations services, the transfer of operations to you, and related project management and consultancy services. Alternatively, we could continue operations as a managed service.

We also deliver ongoing services to develop and grow your competence. Together, these services support an effective handover of network operations and optimization from us to you.

BOT ensures faster time-to-market, with guaranteed service performance from day one. At the same time, it builds operation and maintenance capabilities within your organization.


We can manage and run all your network-related activities like design, implementation and operation of mobile networks as you migrate to new technologies. We manage and minimize the complexities involved, and provide a smooth transfer of know-how for successful handover of the network. We have a proven track record of working closely with operators in network design, implementation, network operations and maintenance.