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Advanced Command Center

Advanced Command Center – The next generation control room solution

Today’s command centers face many challenges as the responsibilities of public safety agencies increase significantly. As cases grow in complexity, police, fire and ambulance services need to work together frequently.

Another pressing issue is to how to manage the huge volume of data available for decision making, particularly as numerous sources of varying data quality lead to dramatic rises in integration costs.

In short, authorities need to take care of citizens’ wealth, security, privacy and well-being. This requires a multi-agency control center that can use data from civilian sources, such as IoT and smart city applications, and authority data sources that operate in real-time 24/7.

Organizations are also looking for ways to use all available data sources, including rich media, such as videos submitted by the public, to be more aware of what is happening.

For example in case of a severe allergic reaction from e.g. specific food, a patient who is not able to talk anymore because of his symptoms could make a video emergency call and get help from the operator by showing the packaging with the ingredient information. Operator could then recognize the ingredient that frequently causes allergic reactions, provide first hand instructions and call for help.

A new approach built on rich media and virtual control rooms

Nokia Advanced Command Center (ACC) helps public safety agencies to cooperate more effectively, sharing data and situational awareness more easily. All centers have the same view with the help of virtual control rooms and can access the same data.

The solution is a step towards Next Generation 9-1-1 and 112 allowing more rapid, coordinated and fact-based emergency response, making extensive use of video communications, IoT, analytics and automation.

The Nokia multi-vendor approach with Nokia Integration Platform keeps the system architecture simple and enables the sharing of data across all systems. This allows rapid integration of a customer’s legacy and new systems and enables agencies to quickly add new capabilities.

  • Better informed decision making through new and aligned data sources, such as video, IoT, analytics and automation
  • Allows improved coordination through virtual control rooms, sharing workloads and situational awareness
  • All centers have the same view of the situation and can access the same data
  • Enables rapid integration of legacy and new systems

  • Nokia Integration Platform keeps the system architecture simple, allowing the available data to be shared across different systems
  • Nokia expertise across mission critical broadband, platforms, systems and applications ensures reliable, high performance rich-media communications for public safety environments