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Services for 5G - Turning 5G visions into real business

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5G Acceleration Services – begin your journey now

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Unleasing the economical potential of network slicing

Making 5G work for you – ask the right questions

5G is a technological evolution that will bridge our physical, virtual and social worlds. This transition into the programmable world will bring huge opportunities for operators tap in to. At the same time it represents a fundamental change to the business environment and the ways we do business.

Our services experts are ready to turn the 5G technical concepts into real business. See how:

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Explore Nokia Techno-Economic Modelling – 5G use case live simulation

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Dive into 5G with Nokia

The key use cases in 5G are with demanding  and versatile characteristics and new business models are enabled by the evolving and new technology and network slicing – the key considerations and questions are:

  • How to monetize 5G network technology?  
  • How to evolve to 5G seamlessly? How to create and maintain the slices of networks?
  • How to deploy 5G on top of and in parallel to today’s networks?

Today is day one for 5G. Let Nokia help you start today to capture the future business possibilities by answering these fundamental questions with our 5G Acceleration Services – it all begins with the use cases.

We are ready to help you turn 5G visions into real business

We guide you throughout the whole 5G journey. Based on our experience in various business and technology transformations we have developed a holistic approach and methodology to help you in their journeys to 5G .

View the Infographic

View the Infographic

We design and implement your unique 5G transformation journey, turning technical concepts into real business

  • Services experts around the globe
  • World-class expertise & portfolio across IP, fixed and wireless
  • Innovation powerhouses with Bell Labs and Futureworks

Enabling 5G business models
We help our customers to evolve existing business models and enable totally new ones. Operators are enabled to fast configure new services for target segments.

Managing transformation
Our transformation methodology helps you to evolve your existing people‘s skills and competences, processes, tools and technology to 5G

Building efficient networks
The chosen use cases set versatile requirements to network performance and nearly 100% network availability e.g. very low latency with robust connectivity use cases like connected health and autonomuous driving.

Professional Services and automation help ensure flawless hybrid network performance with the lowest TCO