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5G Acceleration Services

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5G Acceleration Services – begin your journey now

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Getting first to markets with 5G is worth billions - are you ready?

Historically, we have seen new wireless technologies take years of planning, design and implementation. It is a major investment decision. Yet the rewards of being first to market are huge. Getting to market first with LTE gave North American first-mover operators an extra $6.6 billion in revenue over the second mover within five years. The same will be true with 5G, if not more so. Where do you want to be?

When 5G is years ahead –why should you think it today ?

Based on Nokia’s experience of supporting operators’ projects around the world, industry-leading experts from Nokia and Bell Labs Consulting answer five key questions about how operators can best start to manage their transformation to 5G, and when to begin.

Amit Mukhopadhayay
Ashok Rudrapatna
Claudio Mattiello

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Explore Nokia Techno-Economic Modelling – 5G use case live simulation

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Dive into 5G with Nokia

5G is a fundamental change in network architecture that requires substantial preparation to ensure smooth implementation and maximum benefit from day one

  • The better prepared you are before the launch of 5G, the more likely you are to achieve your goals. This preparation is different to anything that has gone before because it begins with setting business goals rather than technology considerations
  • 5G is all about use cases and business strategy; these are the driving factors so it is important to start planning well in advance. There will be many opportunities to deliver new services, but each has a different need.
  • We will apply our extensive experience of transformation projects to help operators with the essential planning of which use cases to pursue, and how to meet their diverse needs.
  • Nokia 5G Acceleration Services can prepare and implement your desired strategy to find the optimal path to 5G.

A practical business case for 5G-based fixed wireless access

Nokia is the only vendor able to provide and support a full-breadth of fiber, copper, cable and mobile ultra-broadband technologies in all markets globally. This allows Nokia to be technology agnostic in the advice it provides. Nokia Services and Nokia Bell Labs Consulting have advanced business modeling tools to help CSPs determine the best mix of technologies for their businesses. With this help, CSPs can open a new stream of revenue and capture new customers attracted to the convenience and quality that only a multi-play provider can offer.

Read our new whitepaper: A practical business case for 5G-based fixed wireless access

Taking the guesswork out of 5G business planning

What will be the true capabilities, costs and benefits of 5G? Will 5G investments really create new and lucrative services not possible with other technologies?
To help operators explore the 5G business case, Nokia experts have used a new simulation tool to run detailed techno-economic analyses of various5G use cases. The results reveal how 5G will perform in real network situations to reduce overall costs and deliver high-quality services to consumers and enterprises.

Download new whitepaper ‘Techno-economic simulation results for solid 5G business and technology planning

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Nokia 5G Acceleration Services can prepare and implement your desired strategy to find the optimal path to 5G.

  • Use case driven transformation design leading to optimum transformation journey
  • Best-in-class techno-economic analysis of all network domains
  • Nokia & Bell Labs expertise with established transformation methodology
  • Solid transformation planning & execution
  • Timely preparation for operational changes (people, tools, processes)


Why these services are unique?

  • Beyond Technology: providing strategic decision support for business & technology.
  • Proven Expertise: Nokia GS & Bell Labs Consulting expertise in business, technology and operations transformations with field proven methodologies.
  • Optimal Transformation Journey: advanced network, operations and financial models combined into a holistic E2E view, help to analyze all transformation options and find the optimal transformation deployment plan.