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SCPortal – Supply Chain Portal


What is the Alcatel-Lucent Supply Chain Portal - SCPortal?

The Alcatel-Lucent Supply Chain Portal is a web-based technical platform that integrates Alcatel-Lucent organizations, trading partners, and eMarketplaces to create real-time global visibility and decision making control over the virtual supply chain. The SCPortal is a gateway to information, applications, global data and defines common processes across Alcatel-Lucent's virtual trading community. The SCPortal is an internet application that enables secure communication and collaboration between Alcatel-Lucent and supply chain partners.

Note: Access to information on the SCPortal can range from being available to all users to being very restricted based upon the sensitivity of the specific information and a particular user's business need to know.


SCPortal Benefits

The following capabilities have been implemented and are adding value:

Aggregation of Restricted Access and General Access data.

  • Global visibility of inventory and both net and gross demand data
  • Visibility to supplier invoice information
  • Access to Alcatel-Lucent technical and related supplier documentation

Collaborative processes

  • Inventory rebalancing
  • Project collaboration

Alerting capability to users of key supply chain events.

  • Visibility and management of assembly RFQ/pricing processes
  • Component shortage escalation and order cancellations
  • EMS claims reconciliation processes

Alcatel-Lucent works closely with prime suppliers to drive inclusions throughout our supply chain.
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